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It snuck into my dreams and turned the creepy dial way up to 11.

The sound design alone had me utterly transfixed.

An eco thriller about two kids, a mysterious NES cartridge and some strange goings on in their neighbourhood. Rad soundtrack too.

A sci-fi ancient mythology god-sim with a story about vengeance? Why absolutely I will!

It’s funny and sad and joyful and heartbreaking and probably something every parent should play through.

It left me feeling disturbed and with a thousand questions about sentience and reality. Best enjoyed with a cup of tea.

A razor sharp observation on troubled relationships that gave me no where to hide.

Brew potions! Grow gardens! Start a revolution! A*

“As close to the real thing as you can get” - Charlie*, art school graduate

It reminded me of fighting monsters in the woods near my house as a kid.

A beautiful, dark, minimalist RTS. Easy to pick up. Impossible to put down. Simply electrifying.

I'm no expert but I know a lot of mac games on itch not supported to work on the Catalina operating system (not the devs fault as they built the game for Mojave or earlier).  Best bet is to contact devs directly through their site, including above screenshot as well as a screenshot of your 'About this Mac' window.

It's about skateboarding. And the power of forgiveness. And it's a perfect coffee-break size too.

A quiet, contemplative experience. Afterwards I sat quite still, watching a little bird sing to the world outside.

My eight year old self would have thrown all their lunch money at this bubblegum arcader.

Now my nightmares have a cool PS1 aesthetic and an awesome soundtrack!

That's the wonderful thing about indie games as they are as subjective to the player as a painting is to a viewer. For me, the fox animation is my favourite part of the game.

Somehow the very essence of the fox has been captured in but a handful of pixels. Magic Really.

I think I said "how is that even possible?" about 137 times, grinning the entire way.

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Found the resolution decrease button (e)... :)

A masterclass in paired back storytelling that truly broke my heart.

A deeply personal, almost mystical look at the "what if I just left" fantasy we all feel at times.

A delightful documentaryesque look at family, love and discovering the simple pleasures in life.

It swallowed me whole, like a delicious spine-tingler found in a dusty old bookshop.

What happens when you kidnap Hieronymus Bosch, drop him in the Summer of Love, and give him a computer to tinker with.

It felt like meeting friends from long ago, sharing tales next to a crackling fireplace.

A meditation on melancholy. Short, perhaps, but the raven stayed with me for a long time after i finished.

A celebration of language and folklore. A love letter to a city, its people and its food.

A creepy experience that drops you into a kaleidoscopic world of cosmic claustrophobia and malice.

Took me back to days spent wandering the farm with my Oupa, hypnotized by his unique blend of science and make-believe storytelling.

I kept playing. Even when the toast was burning, I couldn't stop. I blame the music and fruitwolf's little dance.

Forget the books, the videos, the advice of your perfectly happy couple friends. This is the only dating coach you will ever need.

It reminded me that the best adventures often happen when the guidebook is blank and your itinerary empty.

Thumbs up from me! Excellent work!