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takes time to master but damn

my laptop is screaming in pain👍👍👍

mae it an option to change sensitivity


i will add the theme this time trust me

very clevel puzzles and platforming, liked the music but i dont know how to pass level 15😣

I love gd cologne

okay i figured out how it works but now when i upload my game it says there's no .html file in the .zip i made for some reason

My reader doesn't work ;( i copied all the pages in the pages folder and enabled javascript and it still gives me an error in the browser. Even redownloaded it

BRO the interface is WILD this gets instant 5 star from me

if pure insanity was a game this is what it would look like

wait are u my os

kultisti never dissapoints

my grades are A A B

truly a zine of all time

i got 52 lol

This is the game i've ever played in my entire life

help i tried booting up the game but it doesnt progress until the jimjum studios screen

they should take down this game for being too addicting and fun to play

requires some tough skills but GOSH is it fun to play!

Kinda hard, took me like 10 attempts to defeat the final boss, but OOOOOOHHH it feels amasing after finally beating him. Btw i have a multiplayer suggestion:


It's the thing that we can play right now but with 2 players. First goes the P1, then P2 and then the enemies. If something does not trigger a turn a player can do it anytime even if it's not his turn. If one of the players presses the attack button but he can hit the other player with the attack, the game denies his desicion, and when the attack can hit both the player and the enemies the game gives him a comfirmation screen. Both players share the same card stock. While on split path in the map they both can choose their own place to go, but on the next fight they should be together. Also they can communicate with a chat.


In versus lobby you have your own character that you can upgrade and give some weapons to and there's also a "find match" button that sends you to the opponent, and the fight goes like a boss battle. The controls are mostly the same, except when you press the attack button your character actually prepares for the attack and releases it at the next turn

With this game no dabs are outdated

yea i think the developer shouldnt use ctrl with other keys

This isnt an rpg but an idle game

oh sry now its good

the controls are VEEEEEERYYYYYY bad, i wish i could change them

YES i did triangle

nice little game


he quitted dumbass