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This game has an incredible, intriguing atmosphere and a great build up to the end. Lots of surreal, dreamlike moments that come together to form a mysterious sci fi narrative that's left open to your interpretation. Loved playing this!

This game is like those rollercoaster rides you want to go on again and again to re-experience the joyful high of being at the very top, before plunging back down again. So fun, so bittersweet, so good!

A soft, gray city to get lost in for a little while.  The music, the lighting, and the visual textures all mesh perfectly. Loved how this piece ended.

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It was such an honor to contribute my writing to this game! Beautiful in concept and execution. The glowy deer are gorgeous (and haunting). 

This experience really sits with you. 

Loved it! It's fun coming up with the world + mythology behind the cryptid, and how the human player interacts with the cryptid player.

This game gave me chills!! The visuals and the music all combine to create a really intense, gorgeous, eerie atmosphere. Loving all these ultra-atmospheric games by Farfama (this one + There is a Planet B!)

This was so adorable!! 

this is such an adorable collection of tiny lil rom com games <3

Love the dialogue system! Short and sweet, makes you think about what you say.

A small game that packs a big punch with its post-apocalyptic backstory, atmospheric visuals, and evocative message - definitely play through to the end.

As a music lover I enjoyed this so much! Great music, chill atmosphere and was very satisfying to figure out all the names~

Loved Dova Pavlova and the Watercolours as soon as I heard them, nice to know they were based on some of my favorite bands! 

wow. this game is so beautiful! I haven't ugly cried like that in a MINUTE.

precious little story about love and loss.