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And, is it okay if i would make a game in RPG Maker, with style like this? I mean the like 90s VHS era, like i don't want to make your pixelart  style or something like that, but just the CRT VHS look?

And i have a question, are you using Parallax Mapping?

And it's sad, that i think just you is making RPG Maker games styled like this, I mean for me, making games like this in RPG Maker is an excellent idea

Yeah, you so inspired me with this style :D 

Hey bro, how did you learned to make such cool vhs rpg maker games? That is really cool!

hey i have a question, how did you learn unity?

hey i have a question, how did you learned unity?

hey i have a question for you, how did you learn unity?

gud gem airdofr

you are shit GRRRRRRR this gem is butiful

rpg maker mv

how do i import this to game?

On what engine cozy made?

thanks but i have free version

but i dont now where is the txt file in rpg maker mv

sorry, but i want reply but i reported



how to upload this tileset to RPGMv?