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thx :D did you finished it already?

no worries about that, the game will always be for free available ..since day 1 until, it will be finished at some point in the future :)

maybe I will, at some time in the future, when the game is ready to do it :)

thanks :)

Thank you :D

Hi @OdinLin,

thank you for your comment :)

Not the 'player' or the 'characters' are 'ghostly',
the 'desire' itself is 'ghostly'!
And thats exactly what the title said

Based on the MC's preference for voyeurism.
Trying to keep this 'desire' secret .. it's like a 'ghostly desire' for him.

That the 'MC character' looks like he has no face, is due to
the old (techdemo) character model.
But for the next version (0.3) there will be a huge optical/quality
character upgrade for MC and every other NPC.

more about the 'title' you'll find here:
Sitho profile

more about the game you'll find in this post:
F95Zone post #37