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I have a defence blender in hand and when I hold right click, nothing happens. I also noticed that if I hover over another card, the "hold: burst!" text shows up, which could somehow be related? images below:

holding right click while hovering over card; nothing happens

the red text shows up as I hover over a different card

I am LOVING this game so much! I have started it for the third time and this made me put forth this request: could the initial tutorial section be skippable if you have already finished the game once? This is something I see myself playing multiple times, and it would be great to see some "NG+" type of thing, either by keeping some information across playthroughs or just this ability to skip the initial section!

I think you see the estimated arrival day colored on the top left corner, but I agree that it could be clearer!

I will give it a shot! works fine on windows though :D

Ack I really want to try this but as I launch it on Linux I only get a cool song and a light blue "flashing" screen. Any clue why this would happen?