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Great game! The scares were a little less intense than other games but it's not necessarily a bad thing! Here's my playthrough if you're interested! :)

This game was very original... I've never played a game with this POV. It was my girlfriend's first horror game and she loved it! Here's our playthrough!

Awesome game, really scared me!
Here's my playthrough :) 

Hey, I am having a problem... I can't look side to side. My head is stuck looking forward. I have reinstalled the game, tried my mouse and keyboard buttons and nothing can get me to move my head. pls help 

This game was so scary it made me question life itself. Very well made, it was so fun!. Here's a playthrough if you're interested. it goes public tomorrow.

This game scared me pretty bad. It had a good meaning though. Here's me playing if you're interested!

Simple, yet interesting style game. I loved it!

The ending killed me LOL, but it's a well-made game!

Very terrifying but nice game! 

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Great game, the ending caught me off guard lol! 

This game was very terrifying! It was very fun!

Thanks, and that would be great. I'm kind of in the middle of a minecraft series but we could do a stream where we play or we could do a video. I tried to add you on discord but it didn't work, I'll keep trying but if I can't get it to work you can add me at Siscalet#5999


It was so funny and it was the perfect length

Watch my playthrough here: