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Hummm.... SirWinny Challenges You To Pass All 3 Level Of Hell AND Free Your Soul From The Bloodbath Baby!... It’s time to prove yourself worthy people.... Muahaha... Good Luck 🏝

A FAST FOOD HORROR GAME! | Happy's Humble Burger Barn Gameplay

 Scythe Dev Team Great Job... This is a banger indeed : ) 

Game Did Not Work For Me.

I Lowkey Got Retro DOOM vibes... Please Continue This Game and ADD Immense Uniqueness... It's time to reach the TOP... 

nice. 😆

First #1 To Complete The Bloodbath Trial (No Gun) All Trails Completed First For All... Great Experience Indeed! 


First #1 To Complete The Bloodbath Trial (Hardcore) Impossible To Complete Indeed!  

There is one spawn in particular where I still could not find the crowbar and I looked for hours because I didn’t want to die and start over... 😊 

Please Fix Headshot Registration😊

With Love ❤️ 

Also Crowbar Spawns in Hardcore 😊


First #1 To Complete The Bloodbath Trials and Let Me Tell You It Was Difficult Indeed! Great Job Owl Nest Studios 

Perfect Challenge Indeed : )

Once Again Great Job @Owl Nest Studios and I can't wait for the final release! 

Video Is Still Processing... Will be available soon @Owl Nest Studios

First #1 To Complete The Bloodbath and Let Me Tell You It Was Difficult Indeed! Great Job Owl Nest Studios 

We Need To Get This Game To The Top DAMAN Studios™ @DAMANStudio

Amazing Game :) 

thanks I’ll check it out 🏝

Game did not work for me... I really wanted to play it tho :(

This Was An Experience @colorfiction  ... Great Jobs : ) 

This game is horrifically Sweet! I'm so surprised I found a game to my favorite morning snack! Great Job! C&D Cardboard Games  

This is a Great First Project John Sessoms... I can't wait to see future releases... Let the next one be a huge project... : ) 

This Game Was An Experience @noiseminded … It seemed trippy but I love it... Lastly @noiseminded play to much... Nice Scare! : )

Release it on Steam and Develop a Mobile(Android && Apple) version of the game... This game has Immense potential @andosdev
Can't wait to play the Released version of the Game : )

Anytime... Can't wait to review more projects and releases from your team :  )

Would Like To Cover More Of Your Games IMWgms : )

Definitely Unique Indeed.

Great Concept WVG... We need more eyes on this games... Thanks For Reaching Out to Me... Would like to play more of your games in the future! 

Great Work... Some things need to be fixed here and there, however; overall magnificent! 

Can't Wait To See This Game In The App Store && In The Play Store!

Thanks for reaching out CucaDevs… I would love to review more of your games in the future... Cheers SirWinny :) 

Self-Checkout Unlimited Gameplay (Scary)

Can't Wait For The Final Version Of The Game

Great Jobs 

: )

Self-Checkout Unlimited Gameplay (Scary)

Great Work Devs

: )

WORST JUMPSCARE OF MY LIFE (Scary) | The Elevator Gameplay

Great Work Devs :)

NEW Super Mario Bros Challenge | The Super 1-1 Challenge

OMG! This Was So Fun Devs…

A First Person Super Mario 

: )

: )

Thanks : )

This Game Beat Is Fire People! (Creepy) | Nasty Little Man

This My Favorite Throwback Game So Far... I got the Ape Escape Vibes...

Great Job Devs

: )


Great Game Devs 

: )

I Caught Me A Bass Baby! | Earl's Day Off (Fishing Horror Story)

I'm Bad at Fishing People! 

Great Jobs Devs


They Wrong For This One! (Scary) | The Pomeranian

Funny Horror Game!

Great Jobs Devs


This Game Made My Soul Cringe People! (Scary) | The Mortuary Assistant

Great Job Devs | Can't Wait For The Expansion... Truly Scary Indeed!


I felt like I was going to pass out... I couldn't do it... This game got me good... Great Work :)

My Heart Couldn't Take It! (Scary) 

This Is The Most Scary Game I've Ever Played People! 

Magnificent Work Devs