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Almost almost done! Give it 2 months max and itll be up!

I'm really excited, as it will as well make the Act 1 more intense!

Thanks, nice video!

Act 2 will come soon, improving a lot how the Act 1 looks and feels :D

No date confirmed, but in the next few months ;)

Ah, so you just went ahead and found every bug in the game, didn't you?

Xd, thanks for playing! Really like your videos and it is a pleasure having you around! I will fix every bug and mistake you found. You made it easier for me!

I will be working on the follow up, it'll have more legends and more door openers. Thanks again!

Gracias por jugar! Agradezco lo de "poeta" jajsj, hago lo que puedo.

Tirso de Molina será chulo, a ver cuando sale!

Thanks for playing!!

Gracias por jugar! El juego lo hice solo yo (una persona). El objetivo es hacer cada parte inspirada en una leyenda madrileña, la de Tirso de Molina me gusta mucho, espero representarla bien!
Los sonidos están escasos, pero sí los he metido en la actualización. Pondré todo bien cuando pueda :)

Gracias por jugar! Sip, faltan sonidos, se debe a que este juego fue para una gamejam, así que solo pude hacerlo en un mes y hay algunos fallitos. Los arreglaré :)

Thanks for playing!

The voice wasn't AI xdd, it was me trying to speaking English and speaking fast at the same time which turned out kinda weird xd

The chase at the end is missing that light indeed, and also I didn't have time to add the sounds. I will once the Jam ends.

(I will finish After The Curtain Call I swear)

Thanks for playing! Saw the video, as a fun fact you are right on saying "it is the mouse chasing the cat". I chose that title cuz the mouse would be the rat (obviously) and the cat would be the player, because people from Madrid are also known as "cats" or "gatos" in Spain :D

Gracias! :D

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Thank you!

Llegas justo a mi hora de merendar, ya tengo algo que ver jijiji

Lo veré entonces! Ten en cuenta que los posteres (por ahora) solo están al final del juego, y como son aleatorios podria no salir el tuyo en tu partida.

Thanks! You'd have to take the gem inside the rat's silhouette. I didn't make it clear enough xd

In this version he apparently doesn't appear. I did update the game and may upload it sooner or later :)

Thank you! But if you thought this has BATIM vibes, you should check out my other game After The Curtain Call! It is way more inspired in it's style. Only Act 1 is out, but Act 2 is coming early this year and will feature more detailed scenarios inspired on Bendy and the Dark Revival!


Thanks for your service, soldier. Remember to avoid yellow snow, though!

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He is 11 years old 😭

Thanks for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed! Have fun with the rest of the games!

(And maybe check out Madvent Calendar here on itch, it is a collection of christmas games, most of them horror I think, I am doing it cuz I heard of it past year)

The story will continue! Act 2 is almost done. This Act 1 is basically just a demo!

Thanks for playing!

Hey! Saw the video, thansk for making it, it was really fun! I didn't notice the 5th day was SO hard xdd, I will probably make it easier. You said you'd enjoy more iterations, so I tell you there's a challenge mode with 2 mannequins more ;)

Thank you for the feedback! I'll take it and note it down to update the game once the game jam it's made for is finished, it really helps!

I'm glad you like my games, I like your videos a lot, very excited for this one!

Un juego bonito y con humor, y está entretenido empujar globos. Eso sí, hay algunos bugs de atravesar paredes xdd.

I updated some bugs such as the collisions of the music box, or the suze of the letters to name a few. I Fixed the language too.

I reuploaded so I could remake the page and update something on the game jam this gamr is made for :)

Thanks! It really means a lot! I really hope i can get Act 2 out soon!

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Hope to be there! Don't know where will you play it though

Thanks for playing :D

Thank you for playing! I saw the gameplay and noticed it may take you too long to pose each mannequin, so hear me out:

When i get back home I'll fix the bugs (including the one that detects ballerina like mannequins as wrong always) and will also make shifts shorter.

The mannequins don't need to be posed perfectly, and the head does not need to be moved at all. Just have the hands in almost the same place.

And the Failures are actually the mannequins in the second conveyor belt, the ones forming a line. That's why they killed you xd

Thanks for playing and recording! Hope you enjoy!

Pd: I'm working in the challenge mode to add more mannequins, if you have any idea, everything is welcome :) 

Veré si lo hago a la vuelta, empaquetar cosas es feo cuando no es del mismo tipo que tu ordenador :/

This game is not thought for vr, i forgot to get the steam vr plugin out.

On PC now I am more confused. Is it Windows 64? The game should not have anything to do with Internet, it does not even need WiFi to work other than when downloading.

Notice this is the only instance I have seen this happen, so maybe the game is not the problem here

Thanks for playing! I'm glad you think it is creepy, the gameplay was really fun! If you continue playing the next shifts, just so they don't take as long be aware that there's no need to pose them exactly as shown. If the hands are in the same place more or less it will still work. There's a bug I will fix when I get back that makes the mannequin always output as wrong when the pose is kind of balletina-like, with both hands up!

Thanks for playing! Yeah, i don't think that job exist, but that's one of the miracles of fantasy xd

You did get mad lucky in you rng, plus the days are kinda long and thus the gameplay is kinda repetitive, I'll work on that when I get back!

Thanks for playing! Yeah, to be honest the days are quite too long, and some poses do have bugs and give error either way. I will fix those when I get back home. 

Very fun video! Loved the jumpscare xddd, they are always few but come with strength!

Challenge Mode is still under work, and will probably receive the most ammount of changes, mostly new mannequins! MuñecOS kills you if you move while he appears (in theory at least)

Thanks for playing! Once I get back home I'll make some of the days a bit shorter, cuz when Who-Saw killed you it was a bit painful to see xd

Thanks for playing! This video was really fun to watch!

I won't be able to finish this game in a few weeks, as you may have seen it is still in alpha, but once I do I will try to make the length of each shift more reasonable. And also make Manny not block the symbol xdd.

Really glad you liked it! Still looking for ideas to add more mannequins to the Challenge mode, so if you got anything tell me :D