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Just prefacing this by saying that while there were some bugs I still very much enjoyed the game (especially the star boss), but yeah I found some bugs:

In level Blue 04 there is a dot near the top left of the map that you can't reach. It is around a corner but trying to get it bounces you back one space in even though it isn't a short move, so the dot is unreachable and the best you can get is 99%

The green boss can sometimes block you in when you are in the last section of green 08, as they will spawn in your path and not move no matter what you do, forcing a restart

In purple 06 there is a spot at the top to the left of the star where an arrow path sends you to a spot where the arrow back just sends you where you are already, trapping you. Purple 07 has a similar issue immediately to the left of the 3 by 3 square of purple hazard tiles, there is a corner with walls left and down where up and right both bounce you right back, trapping you.

Also the shop prices for the extra lives are incorrect, the price says 1000 for the first one and increases by 100 each time, and while the price does increase by 1000 each time it starts at 750

In red endless the game will sometimes generate an unreachable dot (there is no wall but there isn't a path to go to the dot) though never in a way that prevents you from proceeding

If you go to delete save data the cancel option just sits on the are you sure you want to delete your save data prompt rather than going back to the stats

I didn't find any path issues before blue 04, but I didn't 100% any non-08 levels after that so it would probably be a good idea to just go through blue 05--07 and purple 01-07 100% just to make sure there aren't any path issues I didn't run into.