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Yeah, quantum physics is like that sometimes. Antimatter precisely can be described like a normal matter travelling backwards through time, and annihilating on contact. And antimatter is absolutely real and measurable object, like you and me

One of those puzzles where in most of the levels I've found a solution, but feel like there should be the solution. Because most of my routes sure are a solution...

A great project, congratulations on this fantastic accomplishment

Very nifty, as usual. The atmosphere is tense enough to feel obliged to solve the puzzle, yet not too scary to be distracting. I think I've skipped two artefacts: one above the big square grid, as I couldn't find how to interact with it; and one on the screen where you have to freeze a pattern - I don't seem to find the right combination. Overall, a very creative mechanic, very interesting

A very puzzle-oriented platformer; very unusual for this set of mechanics. Somehow I was expecting more tricky jumps, but this game was almost entirely based around figuring out what you need to do, and when to do what. Very impressive

I remember a different September:

We remember
In September
When The Winged Hussars arrived!

One small improvement I might suggest -- add a circle around the player showing the pickup radius. Some of the puzzles require precise air manouvering to pickup all of the pickups, and this would help to visualise when you hit and when you miss

Awesome game, incredible blend of platforming and physics-y movement. Love it just like the Amidst the Sky

P.S. To play on chrome you need to enable "Allow all cookies", otherwise the checkpoints won't work

On Firefox for me the "Run game" button at the start doesn't work :(

The project seems very-very promising, but I cannot find any news for it? Is this already abandoned? Are there any other projects by the developer?