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For now, itch is the only place the game can be found.
I update the game on a monthly basis (using butler, such a great tool !!)
As english is not my primary language (I'm french), I'm not confident and I always postpone the next devlog.

Now I have so much new things to tell, I'm a little scared, but as being confined, I should find time for a proper devlog


2018 is the last devlog update. it was 0.5.0 at the time, now it's 0.7.1 with much more content.

I'm sorry, this is misleading. I'll update it asap

Merci beaucoup, oui encore et toujours Monogame

Hi, sorry for the inconvenience.

Could you send me your groupees key by email  :

I'll investigate and give you a solution

Thank you, it was made during a little break to empty my head from my work on Ruggnar. It was fun doing this little game

est-ce que tu as VS et monogame installé sur ta machine ? pour voir ce que ça donne chez toi en passant par le code source.

Je n'arrive pas reproduire ton soucis sur les machines de mon parc ici

Oh bizarre ça, je vais essayer de jeter un oeil.

Quelle version de windows ? pilotes à jour ?

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Thank you for everything !!

Your message sounds great to my hears !!

I'll check the level5 and correct it asap (level 9 is coming soon)

edit : thank you, I've spotted the issue, and modified the level (will come with next update)

that's weird. I've received payment through PayPal. I'll investigate

Thank you ^^

Yes map and UI are placeholder. I'm still figuring how to make it nice.

The progression is reseted because of the keys used to open doors. I can think of another way to handle coins/keys.

I understand your idea, I'll do some test and choose the best way to handle it

Here you'll find my todo list. I'll update it when necessary.

  • New levels
  • Add the daily/weekly challenge
  • Fix and add sounds
  • More sections for the ProcGen mode
  • More bonus
  • Unlockable abilities (like double jump)
  • The shop (trade coins for special candles)
  • Revamp the map screen and the controls
  • New environments
  • New decoration
  • More hazards
  • More puzzles
  • Map controller/key in the settings
  • Feedback when picking something
  • A lot of polish

Hello, since friday, june 16th, Ruggnar is in early access.

During this phase, the price will be reduced by  15% and the final price will be 4.99€.

I choose to start this early access for several reasons, the main reason is I want to involve players in the process.

Feel free to make requests, comments. I want to make a game you have to to play with.

That's it, the game is in early access, you'll find more content than in the demo.

Thank you, the first players made some really great times, that's true !

Thank you very much :) I'll do my best to add more content on a weekly basis

Thank you very much !

Soon, I'll open the early access

Nervous gameplay, fun either alone or with friends.