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best gif/10

Wonderful level design, i like how filled with stuff it is.


boing boing boing boing

Huh, thanks for that!

Updated the pack to include .dae files, those at least open in blender so you can edit, but looks like it breaks the rigging on the antenna and softtops :(

I'm not any good with blender so might be just me messing something up, if anybody knows what's up please let me know :)

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Hey, I'm sorry for coming back at you so late,

since they're CC0 licensed, you can do whatever you want with the models, even use them for commercial products and not give me any credit!

That being said, I'm afraid these might be too "heavy" for mobile games, sitting at 3000 quads each. That's why I deliberately called them Cartoon instead of Lowpoly. Maybe you can disable the interiors and make the windows opaque, that'll bring the polycount down to about 1000 each.

Have fun, and if you decide to use them, feel free to shoot me another comment (not mandatory, I'd just love to see these cars in action)!