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Hi friends! We got about 5 days to go before the jam ends. How can I support you? Do you need someone to proofread? Someone to bounce ideas off of? 

Let us help you get your games done! 

Much love, reach out if you feel comfortable. I am in awe of the games already published and so VERY VERY EXICTED for those I have been hearing about those getting worked on.  

- Mo 

Reviewed this with Game at a Glance!

What a fantastic game. I love the mechanics and the sliding scale of Bonds. We talked about two people who met over a work luncheon as they went for the last deviled egg and met. Or someone who was working a convention who had a negative interaction with a co-worker because they would run off randomly and made a positive bond with someone coming around to play the games they were running.

It's a great way to establish relationships and could also be used a session zero-ish game between characters in any game if you want more of a deeper connection between them.

Definitely recommend if you enjoy playing through relationships with each other! 

Reviewed this with Game at a Glance! This game really hits the beat of the "Make Me Feel" song by Janelle Monae (which it is based on). The use of tarot cards to show as representation of your character viewed by others is a BRILLIANT mechanic that I have never seen before. Having an idea of each area, the pros of cons, and how they help you push the narrative for each of the characters is wonderful.

I really want to play this game soon! But I really enjoyed reviewing it and making up characters and extra locations with the chat. 

Highly recommend if you are looking for a gm-less game that can work with three players (which is also rare to find!) that helps you dive into the development of relationships.

Reviewed this game with Game at a Glance! This game is extremely intimate and personal, and if you are to play it with someone or with a layer of characters, you will dive deep and grow closer. The candle dynamic is a delightful additional because it is a physical representation of the connection you both have. 

Highly recommend if you want a 2 player game that allows you both to be emotionally vulnerable in a safe, question driven way. 

Reviewed this game on Game at a Glance! This game is a delightfully cute game based on The Great British Bake Off, but make it woodland creatures.  It is heart warming, fun paced, and gives you great stats for the things needed to bake the perfect thing.

Treat yourself to to game!

Read through this for Game at a Glance, and highly recommend if you want an uplifting, delightful, narrative experience of exploring a world you and your friends can explore!

Myself and the chat went with making teddy bears that live on leaves!

It just filled me with the warm fuzzies and I cannot get the wait to actually play it.

I highly recommend this game! 

All I have done with this is designed a little character for it for #PCember, but the game is a REALLY cute premise. I can't wait to get the chance to actually play this.

Need a rules light system with cute little sentient, magical plants as PCs? Fighting against bugs?!?! This is the game for you. 

I haven't had the chance to play it yet but I did read through and designed a character I am so pumped to play it if I ever do! This game beautifully and unapologically switches between Spanish and English in sentences. I feel very seen! 

Want a fun magical wrestlin' game, playing through the lens of Mexican-American culture with a rules-lite system? Necesitas esto.

Ran this in July for the podcast (so be on the lookout coming out in October!). This game is gonzo and really allows to tons of creative freedom. The map is a fantastic feature to use and I enjoyed doodling all over with my friends (we used a Google Draw) as we created our story.

Would love to run this again!

This game is an absolute delight and one of the few video games I actually finished, and want to play again to see the other results! Well done!!