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I LOVED this game...At first the title screen and the music was almost concerning and I was so confused but, as I played and learned more, the more it all made sense. The dead look in her eyes and the sad look in  his. I get it now...I love this so, so much. 

I LOVED this game! It was so intense right from the get go and the first time I saw her crawling...I almost died, I swear lmao

The music, the challenge! All of it! I was only on Normal difficulty and it took my fives tries to beat the second virus!

Thank you! Great freaking game!! 

One of the coolest games I've ever played. I had no clue what I was doing at first but, the music kept me going! This game was SO COOL!

Very short game but, not too shabby! Siren Head himself wasn't really a threat until running back to the car but, it was cool to hear him off in the distance slowly getting closer.

It was a super cool concept how he uses the street lamps as a way of teleporting and the size of this guy was insane!! I loved how different audio was added too so, it wasn't just the basic siren sounds!

It was a fun game! I just had a problem with the air planes! Could never throw them and the icon eventually disappeared! But, I love the slow stalking and the sound effects!

I LOVE THIS GAME. I saw Psychological Horror in the tags and had to know what it was about. The pixel art and variations in the dialog and the sounds were amazing! There were a few typos but overall this game got me and reeled me in!

How do you remove the side option panel to record the game? I really want to play it! And not spoil it before hand!