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yo there, played your game  and had some fun much that i decided to record and make a video.......I hope that the youtube gods can forgive me

1 minute ago

Played the game and gotta say i loved it. Really cool mechanics as well as a well written story nice job.
Also here´s a Letsplay i did

wait is this game really a scam?

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AHOY THERE, played this game and absolutely loved, also made a three part lets play for my YT channel. Really loved the story and how the graphics gave it an environment like i had never seen before(in a good way)

here is the final part and hope ya enjoy

welp all that is good must come to an end. Man this game was amazing

here is the third part and gotta say once more, it was a really cute story with really adorable characters. Thanks for creating this game.

YO, played your game and gotta say i was a tad surprised by the whole story.

Even thought i walked in with low expectation i really enjoyed the story and how you get to know it better through different endings

here´s the first part of two i made for my channel

AHOY THERE THE SECOND PART OF MY GAMEPL......why am i using caps???......welll its done now and i can´t fix it no mater what....ANYWAY second part is out here is the link if ya wish to watch it

AHOY THERE i have just played your game and loved it, also decided to record a lets play of it 

don´t mind the title.......please.... its exactly what it sounds like ;)

yo there played your game and made a four part gampley of it, hope ya don´t mind

Really cool art style and fourth wall breaks 

here´s the first part

Hey so here´s the second part of the game play and once again i really had fun playing this game

im just finishing the final editing on it and after that i gotta go to work so im really unsure of what im going to use as thumbnail, but you bet there will be a second part today

YO THERE  played your game and made a two part gameplay of it

amazing game and great twist on the end

Here´s the link to the video and hope u enjoy

yo here´s part 3 of four of my gameplay, sorry for making four videos but i felt like it was necessary......IT IS 100% SURELY NOT BECAUSE I KNOW NOT HOW TO PLAY ..........

hey there second part is out and i felt like should share the link in here to 

Hey there played your game and made a a full gameplay of it hope ya don´t mind

here´s the link to my video if you wish to check it out : 

and gotta say, i was not expecting that twist in the end of the game, well done