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YO, played your game and gotta say i was a tad surprised by the whole story.

Even thought i walked in with low expectation i really enjoyed the story and how you get to know it better through different endings

here´s the first part of two i made for my channel

AHOY THERE THE SECOND PART OF MY GAMEPL......why am i using caps???......welll its done now and i can´t fix it no mater what....ANYWAY second part is out here is the link if ya wish to watch it

AHOY THERE i have just played your game and loved it, also decided to record a lets play of it 

don´t mind the title.......please.... its exactly what it sounds like ;)

yo there played your game and made a four part gampley of it, hope ya don´t mind

Really cool art style and fourth wall breaks 

here´s the first part

Hey so here´s the second part of the game play and once again i really had fun playing this game

im just finishing the final editing on it and after that i gotta go to work so im really unsure of what im going to use as thumbnail, but you bet there will be a second part today

YO THERE  played your game and made a two part gameplay of it

amazing game and great twist on the end

Here´s the link to the video and hope u enjoy

yo here´s part 3 of four of my gameplay, sorry for making four videos but i felt like it was necessary......IT IS 100% SURELY NOT BECAUSE I KNOW NOT HOW TO PLAY ..........

hey there second part is out and i felt like should share the link in here to 

Hey there played your game and made a a full gameplay of it hope ya don´t mind

here´s the link to my video if you wish to check it out : 

and gotta say, i was not expecting that twist in the end of the game, well done