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Yes, then I can buy it if you get around to it. I need a small Icon set of Modern items.

* I-phone type, or fancy
* Laptop Horizontal, and Vertical (On/Off)
* Desktop PC Monitor + Tower + Mouse. (One off) Horizontal, Vertical
* Security Camera (On/Off) Horizontal, Vertical
* Big/Small Flatscreen TV + Remote (On/Of)
* Keypad [0-9] +Enter Reset, (On/Off)
* Kitchen Appliance [Fridge,Stove,Microwave] (On/Off)
* Wardrobe & Dresser Horizontal, Vertical

Do you do request for Icons? I need to buy some paid modern Icons for my game only, not all ready used in a hundred games.

I don't see any Gravestone, I figured they are part of it I might get this got my game, if I add a graveyard.

Ok thanks, I'll try to find a plugin if its to much of a pain.

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Hey thanks, I just got paid so I bought the Gambling Plugin.
Question, how would I go about displaying the Players [Money] in a text, Formatted? 


[Text" Player Money: $156782]

but formatted as

[Text" Player Money: $1,567.82]

In like a normal display text. And in a script call?

I know \$ displays the gold window, I need it to appear in my own custom window made in

I bought it, and I can use code tags. But failed so far on making it display, always $NaN.

Did he abandoned this? seems like he has not replied to anyone.

If so that sucks, I need to now how to display the in game \$ and have it not appear as that and the in game value.

Sorry, I call it Gotcha because of the EA lol. The Gambling Plugin.

I wanted to know if I can set a couple super rare Items  as a low chance to get.

Ok, just wanted to make sure I could use it in MZ. And yeah there is not a lot of content on steam yet for MZ.

I am thinking about buying it, because I like the look of it.
But is it compatible with MZ?  I searched Steam MZ DLC but nothing popped up.
Only thing on there is, RPG Maker MZ - Haunted School Tiles. But I want normal tiles.

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After messing around with it, I got it all working thanks!


Edit: Please ignore the girls, uhh.  Big assets. It's temporary  till I can find a Tall Character Generator.
They will all be normal. I don't know why the makers of RPGM don't have a Tall Character Generator.
I mean, trying to make a dating game, is hard when all the characters look like they are Five!

Only thing I need to figure  out, is how to "Hide" the time menu, from appearing in the main menu.
My main menu is a live "Map" I created for use with a Plugin for the Title Screen, so it appears there to lol.

Edit: I bought your Relationship Plugin. I have enough to buy 1 more plugin, I'm trying to decide on if I should buy 1 from VisuStellaMZ , or your Gotcha/Relationships Plugin.
Question: Can I choose the chance of and item dropping in the Gotcha Plugin? Like a rare item is 5%, and common is 75%.

Edit 500 lol, Sorry for being pushy about the FAQ.
My OCD is a pain. If I'm not washing my hands 400 times, I'm organizing everything.
Like this...

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Ok thanks, you might want to include a quick FAQ in the download for dumb people like me lol.
Or a hey stupid, read the comments in the Common Events Tab. (ADD has betrayed me again).

"conditional branch for when Hours is between 6 and 17 if you want it to be from 6am to 5pm."
Ok, I was using Hour & Minutes. I'll try this thanks.

This look right?  Edit: (I changed the 5 to a 17).

It looks cool, but how do you make it so it auto closes? And can it be dim, top.

I don't want the user to have to clock close, because other events may be running.

Actually there might be something you can help with.
How can I add a simple "Menu" with ha scroll bar, to show my relationships I'm making?

I was going to buy one but it's not compatible with MZ. I've bought several plugins already.
But I've done quite a bit of work on my own Plugin for it, but one thing still missing is how to display a custom menu.

The zip has a TOS, but no FAQ. Is there anything I can reference for for Time > Minutes.
I mean days is simple, if Day = 1 - 5 {Do Stuff } ELSE } But the times is a little confusing for me.

When setting up events, I have several shops I want to open at specific times.

Store 6AM - 5PM
General  8 AM- 6PM
Club  9PM - 1AM

And so on, but I can't seem to find any help files for this. Also where do I toggle  AM/PM to the popup?

I have tried several times, I copy the whole project to the desktop. And test it before I put it into a a zip. And the error is not there.
But in the default directory, "C:\Users\Home\Documents\RMMZ" it bugs out only in this game folder "\My Game Project".

But if i copy the book plugins and .json to a different project, it works fine. Only thing I can think of is that folder hates me lol.
So I copied all the files inside, made a brand new folder called "MyGameProject" and pasted them in there. Now it works.

So sorry for any trouble. It's just that one folder. I even deleted all the files, and imported new files from another working project.
And it still bugs out even knowing it was working in the other folder. 

Was that able to help you?

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I sent  you a link to the download, I think I included everything needed. But not sure.

Never mind, no private messages. Silly.

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I just bought this, I really love this tool it makes it so simple. I have one issue, not sure what I'm doing wrong. Or maybe I don't know if it's a feature.

I want to have an area that can be "Scrolled" down, because it has a lot of info in it. How would I go about doing this?

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Ok, let me try linking it. Slow upload speed.

My project is to big, it'll take forever. I'll try to help the best I can to explain it. It only glitches out while this plugin is active. And it's at it's default settings.

If it's disabled, it works fine, but if it's on the text just disappears. And you get locked in the menu.

I'm going to see if there is a way to compress the game to upload, if I can.

So I just made sure it was updated, bot the Plugin and Core, still does it. Is it possible I'm adding the books to the players library wrong?

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Is it possible to call more than 1? I tried this.

Never Mind, I fixed it lol.

Input.keyMapper[9] = 'tab';

Input.keyMapper[80] = 'p';

var alias_sceneMap_updateScene = Scene_Map.prototype.updateScene;

Scene_Map.prototype.updateScene = function(){;

   if(!SceneManager.isSceneChanging() && Input.isTriggered('tab')){

       $gameSwitches.setValue(1, !$gameSwitches.value(1));


   if(!SceneManager.isSceneChanging() && Input.isTriggered('p')){

       $gameSwitches.setValue(2, !$gameSwitches.value(2));



Just got to figure out how to call a sound, looking up tutorials.

Dude thanks so much. It was driving me nuts trying to get it working.
I am  dumb when it comes to code, but love creating.

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I really like the free version, thinking about buying this but have a question about Pro version.

* Will the $40 include updates?
* Is there an option to add "Clickable Buttons" to custom menus?
  ^ Like a button on a menu, if clicked it changes to another menu I made.
* Is there a way to call a "Key Press" to open a window with a condition.
  ^ Basically I'm trying to make a status window that the player can "Press & Hold" to see quick stats, then when they release it goes away.

But so far it's very helpful!

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Sorry it took me so long to respond, yes the issue is still present after updating the plugin. I'll try to setup a test and link it. I'll edit this post in a while.

Edit: Ok this is weird. I made a test project, it works fine.

Does it have to be high/Low in the list? And is it compatible with these plugins. I really need 5 of them.

Ok I found out what was causing this issue, it's the

CGMZ_ToastManager.js it crashed the Boo Menu.
Turning it off, all is ok. So just letting you know. I might have to find a alternative if it's not an easy fix on my end.

Here is the link, in case you need to check something.

Edit off topic, you do a lot of plugin stuff. How would one go about toggling a custom Menu I made in Hud Maker Ultra?
I mean I know i can just flip a switch, but I want to be able for the player to press [Tab] or [Q] to show hide this menu.

It's all rigged to show when the switch is on, I just bot sure how to toggle it. But thanks, have a great weekend.

Hello I'm having an issue getting books I created in the book.json to appear

Now they are there and they work, I call it with Plugin>Read and it shows up, everything looks good. But when I access the menu and select my section I changed imputiom what ever it was, to PlayerHelpBooks and the books I read show up there.

But.... When I open the Category, and soon as I  select the name of the book. It loads the text for a 1/2 second, then disappears with just a background?

And It locks me into that menu. So what am I missing?

I called the book with this Plugin Command.

Inside Event:
"Plugin Command: LibraryData learn book GatheringTools"
"Text Popup: You found an old book about organizing tools more efficiently."
And then Made a Varaible to store each book name. Just to reference it when they collect it "You found \V[113], in this old chest"

And it pops up in the menu, but soon as I select it it disappears.
Using the latest Steam>RPGM MZ