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Sir Scrunkl The 99th

A member registered Mar 31, 2023

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Quick question, why does this have the "furry" tag

the only thing I see is a potato.

Wait a sec, is this... is this a reference to hit song Don't Stop Believin' by Journey???

What exactly IS a court swap?

The polygons... This game looks scrumptious. I can't wait to eat the zip file's contents.

How exactly do you update it while keeping save data? Last I downloaded was 47.1, and I like my saves, so I'd like to know how.

I love the gay-furry-romance-during-travel genre.

I like how the artsyle seems quite modern yet pays respect to the old artstyle. I'm probably gonna play this after I finish the original.

I hope you can create a version where we can make our own instead of random generation. But either way, this is nice!

Oh I have a potato pc, that would make sense. sorry to bother.

Just started, great game, I just hope in a future update they add more customizability than just toggling.

now I downloaded it, but the godot just has it in debug. it's completely black.

I'm having trouble downloading. When I press download, it doesn't start one.

Where are they?

You really turned puberty into a horror. Nice.