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Sir Screamalot

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Short, sweet.. 99.99% snekless... 0.01% HELL!

So... about that 0.01%

This game has so much more to it... It's not solely focused on JumpScares, but a more mental approach... LOVE IT!

Thank you for this piece of art! :D

Left a link to the vid on your Twitter! 

Oooh golly, Thank you for the heads up! Trailer is AMAZING! Creeps me out ;d

I watched her play it right next to my desk... it looks hella fun DAYUM! :D keep it up man

First of all... I hate you.... Second of all i LOVE THE GAME!!!.... Third of all... i hate you even more now because of that ending... STROKE warning much ;d ;d ;d 
Btw love the blood splats in the beginning, adds a nice touch :d

Thank you for making it! ~ This game has a lot of potential man! Can't wait for the full thing!

Bruh... KILL IT WITH BLEACH!... also wtf... first game i've seen where you go out of your way to program drinking the bleach yourself... ;d ;d ;d LOVE IT!

First time i've been jumpscared by a SOUND!.... Maan, it even made my GF jump xD

It's so satisfying! :o


This made me scream my ass off... bruh! :D

Welll this was hella CREEPY experience. Love the cardboard idea :D


Oh man... i saw you play it... i had to record it! :O LOVE IT!

This game is 10/10 for sex jokes :D :D :D 
Also i see everyone speedrunning how fast they came... amazing :d :d

sooo SATISFYING just going through em all, didn't expect Jeff Bezos to be the boss :D :D :D 

LOVEEE the potato sack legs... also jumpscares even made my GF jump... she wasn't even playing ;d ;d ;d

This game is meme quality 10/10 xD

Hmm i'll definitely give it a try ;o i didn't even try to look for an option like that :D :D 

The difference in difficulty between the 1st and 2nd song is HUGE :O, i had so much more trouble with the 2nd and 3rd, than with the 1st one.
But yeah... i tried it on HARD... never again :D :D 

Arigatoouuu!!! You're wholesome!

Hahaha it drove me crazy while i was editing the video and seeing that i missed them too :D :D :D 
It's because i didn't expect them or i was distracted looking at Tankman's ones xD so i was missing them like a butt ;d 

lol :D :D 

Never tried the modded ones :o, definitely eager to try tho if they're harder :D :D

Also noticed that the voice actor of Tankman is actually the Newgrounds character with the tank :O

Like bruh... slammed my desk a few times ;d ;d ;d, this shit is crazy :D

It wasn't me who ruined it my brother, the people who dubb anime in english are the ones who ruin it!!! :D :D :D 

I always knew him as Sado, the "Chad" translation is inaccurate if you ask me :p

Thank you <3 

RIGHT!? I was gone from Itch for like... a week, n people started getting salty over something like that :d, plus the 2003 mixup was from a article i saw about a Playstation magazine that came out May 2003, there was a reference supposedly for this game, but i guess it's not.

Hahahah :D :D, i don't know why... but i was suddenly reminded of Sado (Chad) from Bleach :D

:D :D You guys are wholesome!

So whats your point? :D :D :D The channel had 400 subs at some point too :D 

I can link Mr.Beast n show you that he has 60 mil subs... but what would be the point :D

Shut up Killua, i know :D i checked when the other 20 salt shakers told me :D :D :D 

Stolen content will always make views, but whats the point when it's not yours originally, even the avatar is from naruto xD
Get real ;d

AHAHAHAHAHAHAH, oh man that was the best joke i've ever heard ;d ;d 

Shows how much you know about me xD

Bruuh, that really yours? you KILLED IT! :D :D DAYUM!

LOL, this game is MEME quality 10/10 :D :D