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Sir Quack

A member registered Nov 21, 2021

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I found the Bondage drawing in the box under the green plant and the Cow Girl one in the trash, don't know if the other trees on the lower right are hiding anything, kinda stuck with the task to get the gems and bat hair for the demon girl

I would like to know what Zodiac sign Russ represents, his face, when I said my favorite word is melancholy, was adorable, priceless, and squishable but sadly it is my favorite word

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About Mint's diary/notebook, I went into Magnolia's room, on the table are drawings Mint made for her, the numbers on the top one are 58 and 4, do you put the numbers in 584 or 458 or is there a number somewhere where I'm not looking? Also, in Ending B where Dove takes care of Mint and Mint goes back to the house, I need the date (passcode) for the basement door, also, is the door to the stairs to the basement supposed to be blocked off and unable to go through after you go to the basement?

How do I download this on a Android tablet/Kindle fire? :^ I've tried downloading it on Softonic but every time I go to my files and start to download it, a warning symbol pops up and under it it says "Not able to download"

Where are the 2 hidden items at?

The space button isn't working for me- I really want to play the game-

Can this be used on Chrome OS?

Can I please PLEASE PLEASE marry The Seeker? When he introduces himself every time I play this game what I'm guessing is his chest is very distracting because I can't tell if he has a shirt on or not but other then that he looks fine af [ even hurt ] and I get the energy that he could pin me to the wall with one hand if he wanted too..... I also love the fact that we can wear his hat if we say yes to the lost soul asking about the hat stuff

How do I craft spells? I'm on a computer

I'm trying to get into the room near the bathroom upstairs, what be the code?

I also forgot how to save, what button on a computer do I press to save my progress?

I would really like a wiki for this game because I can't find the brother the cat demon dude told us about when you finish fighting him and spare him and let him join your team

I think you did something wrong, I did something wrong and the crow never dropped the key, maybe try again, other than that I don't know