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tHANKYOU. I tried again today befofe seeing ur comment and still couldnt get it haha. Thanks. oh MOMMY. Wow. I did not think that i missed a mommy ending haha. For the top right? Whats thw difference between it and second pic from top left? Isit top right pic is Creature is monster I am Human. While Top left 2nd pic is Kid is human and i anm human too? Okay i understand the last one. Both are monsters

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 IHello!! Ive just download the game few hours ago and i ve already unlocked all endings (My first ever try was ending 5 true endinh). I left 3 pictures now in Gallery but ive been trying for at least an hour now. Top left pic. Top right pic and the pic below top right pic. Can u help with it? I Love this game so much. I like hard to conplete mutiple ending story type games. I love this craft mknster human concept by the choices. Soooo cool.