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Yeah, it's tough with a keyboard. I've 1cced it with a game pad though. Just gotta keep an eye out for safety. Michael is a pushover.

Tight mechanics. I know how hard that stuff is to get right in GMS. A death animation, multiple lives or at least a way to restart the game when I die would be nice.

I kept losing my score because I hit my head on Goombas that spawned inside the top bricks and stuck there. This game is sweary! Fun!

The last game I played of all the Giant Rom games. I knifed all them fools in the back and walked up and got Dan's belt. Sprites are a bit tiny. Good stuff!

Those are seconds, not minutes! I was gonna wait the whole time too. A bit hard on Dan in the end.


I need to splurge on a membership...

I totally spent multiple seconds trying to shave off his eyebrows. Make them eyebrows shavable!

I canna get it to work! Probably either because I'm in Korea and it's online or because I have no friends to play it locally with. The music and title screen are awesome.

Well done!

I'm terrible at this game, but it controls really well. Good sense of inertia and motion. Pretty!

Cool physics. Which is odd because I stopped using Unity because I hated its built -in physics. The spells take up a bit too much of the screen. I like the open ended, mess-everything-upitude of this. Emergent gameplay!

This is my pick so far, but I haven't played a few of the others. My first car was way over budget and just flew off the screen. It was magnificent.

It's Tetris. With some cool, infinite use (?) power ups!

It'd be nice to be able to hold a or d to make the pieces move instead of having to press them over and over. (keyboard_check vs keyboard_check_pressed in GML, though you'd have to implement some more functionality too.) At least spawn those pieces in the middle!!

Confusing at first and kind of hard to see, but completely functional once I figured it out. At least I think I figured it out. The LEDs don't seem to change color until things are almost unrecoverable though. Good stuff!

I married Dan. I'm not sure how I feel about this...

I chomped 68 puppies!

I am a monster!!

Well done. I picked every wrong answer before I got it right. I feel like I'm maybe like Vinny playing Bot Colony in that way.

Whoa, production values! This game looks gorgeous, and is hard as fuck. I spent most of my time re-spawning, but that's because I suck.

S'alright. The controls screen disappears almost instantly, so I had to figure out the controls. Works well enough once you figure it out. Aiming is very generous as is health. Beat it first try!