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I played this game for HOURS it is a lot of fun! beautifully made easy to get the hang of and a lot of fun colouring the world!

Hello! TL,DR; Some movement speeds were slow with falling up and moving forward. The game is interesting and the plot was fun! I do wish that speeds were consistent in the game.Some have slower falling speeds or slower forward speeds. Also maybe make the falling up speeds the same as the falling off the ledge speed!
One last thing that would be fun is use a binary to text translator at the end of lvl 12 when you have to go to credits and make it say something there for people to decipher!Hope to see an update and more design fun using unity!

Hello there! Any news about an update to be able to move and explore this huge map you have designed?

Wish there were more than 6 platforms to jump on to add a little bit more variety. Has a good starting potential. Reminds me of the level's near the end of an old mobile game called yoo ninja. (If you hold the up arrow after dying, you still earn points for the score)