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Really enjoyed this! Had a ton of fun running for my life as Jenny. Aside from the AI snapping back and forth at times, I would've loved to have a menu or some pop up to remind myself where to look for an objective / the last thing Jenny said. I forgot at times since I was getting caught up with, well, Ghostface trying to shank me.

Overall, had a ton of fun though! Absolutely love the areas in the game, especially the pool. Looking forward to what you make next!

Anytime! Happy to hear you enjoyed my video. I'll make sure to keep an eye out for the full thing, would love to see more of this. And yeah I definitely think a lot of people forget about game jams factoring into these and expect so much. It's always impressive how much indie devs can do in such short amounts of time. Is there a place I can check out more for that game jam specifically? Would love seeing more about it!

I'm impressed by the ambience in this game. I'm a sucker for pixel-esque horror games to begin with, but I think this game had some of the best ambience I've ever seen in an indie game. I'm looking forward to what you all do with more games in the future as this was pretty great~! Nice work! 

This was a really neat game! I enjoyed the setup quite a bit, and thought the voice was a fantastic touch to make it that much more creepy. Not to mention that the idea of having a streamer be the protagonist of a horror game is pretty creative. Overall, great job and I'm looking forward to seeing the full game.


Aww, thank you! Its appreciated very much. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Keep up the great work

Wasnt expecting that ending! Loved the atmosphere / ambience, especially that rain and screen effect. Also, really enjoyed the monster design. Simple but effective. Great job!

I'm a sucker for this sorta graphic style, but I adored it. Fantastic atmosphere and ambience that left me wanting more. Looking forward to your future projects, dev, keep up the good work!

Absolutely adorable game. Loved the Pokemon-esque graphics, and got a little bit of an Undertale vibe to it, too. The dialogue was hilarious, and I love seeing the characters brush off all the vampire stuff as if it's nothing. Looking forward to your future work!

Really enjoyable! It was neat seeing the perspectives of both the Agent and the Killer, and the atmosphere of the game was well done as well. Looking forward to seeing what you do in the future!

Pretty interesting. The groundwork for a good horror game is present so I'm looking forward to your future projects.

Man, I didn't even realize you made Cleaning Service. The improvement is obvious, too, this was a pretty fun horror game. The story's pretty interesting, and I'm still curious about some stuff regarding Mieri-san and the player's brother. But yeah, great job! Loved it.

Anyone down for some Netflix and Chill? In all seriousness, pretty fun game. Was my first time trying out a point and click horror game and it didn't disappoint. The only thing I wasn't too big on was the last scare with the spooky ghost thing, but overall, pretty great horror game.

Creative, beautiful graphics, and satisfying gameplay. All around a fantastic game. I enjoyed the story quite a bit, too, was honestly left stunned by the end of the game. Nice work, dev. 

Great demo! I'm looking forward to seeing the full game, especially with learning more about the individual running around in the forest. Great job, dev. Keep up the good work!

Anytime! Thank you for making such an enjoyable game. glad you enjoyed it. and yeah, i hope your game goes far, you deserve it. keep up the good work

Pretty solid for an indie fps game. I loved the fact that there were cutscenes, and the gameplay itself wasn't bad.. looking forward to your future projects, dev. nice work.

Looking forward to it

My first time playing a Siren Head game, but from what I can tell, this is probably the best one in terms of graphics and overall quality. I think there might be a little too much in backtracking, but overall it was enjoyable. I'm impressed by how many cutscenes you had in this, too. Keep up the good work! Looking forward to your group's future projects.

Anytime. And yeah, honestly having dabbled in game development in my spare time, I'm just impressed people are able to make games like these in the short amount of time given. The foundations for a great game are already there, so I'm excited to see what you do in the future.

Pretty neat! Think the concept would've pulled off better if there was a better monster at the end, but considering time restraints and it being your first 3D game, I'd say it's a step in the right direction. So good job and keep at it~

Enjoyed it quite a bit. Thought the endings were pretty interesting for a short horror game.

A short, tense horror game focused around ambience and build up. I enjoyed it quite a bit, and I love when games talk about difficult subjects like mental health and raise awareness of it. So hat's off to you, devs. The only thing I'd have to complain about is lack of sliders / adjustments. Would love to be able to change dialogue / ambience volume. Looking forward to what projects you and your team come up with in the future!

I'm glad you enjoyed it, and thank you for the fantastic game. That makes sense haha, I think its neat of you to include them. And I'd love to check out the future updates so will keep an eye out. I'm excited to see what you come up with :D

I thankfully didn't run into any problems, aside from my car breaking down and making me go into the spooky house, so it was an enjoyable experience overall. Great job, dev, I definitely didn't expect that ending of all things lol


I haven't felt this uncomfortable since high school. 10/10 dev, thanks for bringing back the terrible memories of my childhood.

Went to an orphanage looking for kids and instead got some stew. It was okay. Probably had been sitting out for awhile, and it tasted a little funky. Don't think the nun's that good of a chef. Or that good of a caretaker. Or a nun at all. Wouldn't recommend.

The game, on the otherhand, was fantastic. Fantastic atmosphere and build up. Great job, dev. Absolutely adored it.

A great sequel to the first game. I think the enclosed area of the Krusty Krab and the sudden pop-up of the Hash Slinging Slasher made the first one scarier, but I like the ambition and expansion in this one. The area's a lot more open, there are more enemies, and I love all the references carried in from the series' episode.

I'm excited to try out the third game next!

An absolute joy to play. Having no experience with Warioware-esque games before, I had no idea what I was going into, and it ended up being a lot of fun. The fact that the speed increases and the music's as fantastic as it is just contributes so much to getting immersed into the game. Also that ending was just fantastic.

Excellent work! I'm looking forward to future projects from the two of you~

Amazing! This game was pretty enjoyable. It looks great, runs well, and anything with dinosaurs is always a 10/10 from me. Super excited for the full project's release.

Short, hilarious, and still had a strong sense of tension and atmospheric horror. Excellent job!

The game was a lot of fun! I ended up swinging the baby around like a monster playing baseball more often than not, though. I think it would've been a bit spookier if it had some music or a few more sound effects, but it's impressive considering the time restraints / difficulties you encountered while making it, so overall, good job. Keep up the good work~!

It was a lot of fun! I feel like I ended up stumbling into the key in the basement too quickly, but other than that, it was enjoyable for a short horror game. I'm excited to check out the DLC! Great job, dev~

For a short horror game, this was pretty fun. I didn't expect to be as spooked as I got, but I ended up really enjoying the jumpscares and the short chase from the monster. Good job, dev, I'm excited to see what you do in the future.

Super nostalgic feeling. Absolutely adore the direction of the game artstyle and the ambience is really great! Excited to see the full project when it's done.

Thanks! You deserve them as both episodes have been some of my favorite horror games I've played so far. The improvement in this one is so massive in comparison to the last so please keep working hard, you're doing wonderful.

And thanks for subscribing. It's much appreciated~!

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Absolutely loved it. There's something about the graphical style in PSX-esque games that always gets me. I love the fact that it's more of an open town in this one as it makes the world feel alive, I also adored getting to see the chicken man again! Gives it a nice continuation feel, even if it's just a nod to the first. It's really neat seeing the evolution in gameplay between the first episode and this one, and it definitely seems like an improvement in my eyes. Keep up the awesome work! I'm pumped to see what games you work on in the future.

I loved it! This was my first time playing a horror game like this, and I'm excited to see more in the future. I did a second playthrough without recording and it's incredibly neat how much you can interact with, like finding the envelope or not, and so on.

The only issue I ran into was that the game closed on me after lighting the candles and the loading screen popped up for lighting the tuft of hair, but it was a minor bump in an otherwise fantastic game.

As a newcomer to horror games, this is probably the scariest game I've played so far. I'm immensely impressed that you were able to make this in only a few days! Keep up the awesome work. 

I didn't expect to be as spooked as I was. Excellent job, devs! I'm kind of a sucker for the graphical style of these games though so I'm a bit biased, but I adored it. The ambience, the setting, loved it all. Super excited to see what you put out in the future as this one was absolutely amazing.

I never expected to be so afraid of some guy in a chicken suit flailing his arms around but here we are. For a short horror game, I enjoyed this a lot! Would be pumped to see a longer version or more installments in the future. Also that music was an absolute banger, so shoutouts to the musicians and the dev for choosing it.