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Perfect! I'll plan to buy CM soon and give Exiles a try, thanks for responding. I'll be sure to leave whatever feedback I or other players give!

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I've run a couple missions so far, but I feel like my players felt a little lost with a more rules light game

 For example, I had a player playing an Undead cowboy character that wanted to fan the hammer of his six-shooter to attack multiple enemies, but I felt that would be too strong so I ruled him having done 1 damage to everyone near him. Luckily they were weak enemies anyway, but I was unsure of that ruling.

Is the idea to keep things more loosey goosey and trust the GM's judgement, or would something like a PbtA move-list be helpful? (I am currently thinking of making a moves sheet)

I saw that the kickstarter for the Exiles ended recently, but the page mentions the Exiles as a playable Link already, what does this mean? I really like the idea of the Exiles, but I don't know if I should wait until the page is updated with the Exiles content, or if it's already there and the kickstarter was just for a revised version.

Sweet, thank you! That's what we settled on anyway, we have a corpse cowboy with a magical fiddle

What is the "Strange Instrument" underneath the "Corpse" trait supposed to be?

Sweet! thanks for replying


 REFLEXIVE and FORCEFUL also increase your max HP. TACTICAL and CREATIVE provide no additional benefit."

Where in FIST is this the case? Idk if i'm missing something, but I thought that your HP increase is an advancement option unrelated to your 4 attributes