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Very fun game! I need to get better with the steering system though.

I enjoyed this demo. Especially the parts where I chopped food. I wish it were possible to chop the food into smaller pieces. I was worried I'd burnt the pork, also. I expected there to be an indicator of when the ingredients were gone or a "you added too much" indicator.

Looking forward to the full game.

I wonder about the body at the end...why was it empty? OOoooh.

 I feel it's rather sparse on challenge - is it meant to be more like a visual novel? 

I saw that twist the moment I discovered Sam hasn't been replying to Mom and Dad's messages. I guess I have intuition haha.

I enjoyed the presentation of the story - the subject matter is pretty mundane to me since I've been around Reddit support groups and the like. It did feel dirty sending messages to Alice when I wasn't Sam.

I must say the password system bugged me because number only passwords are so insecure! Too many sites that demand one cap one lowercase one symbol and one number from passwords.

Great concept. I didn't know summit crosses were a thing that existed until now...

I liked the mechanic of revealing the map by walking through it!

I liked the twists you put in there (exploding bricks you have to dodge, disappearing bricks). Though I have gripes with the physics. The paddle likes to bounce off the walls when I press it against the sides and the ball tends to go into those long horizontal paths where it will be lost easily.

I enjoyed walking through the valley and seeing the strangely gapped animals. I tried to climb stuff but I guess we weren't meant to. I wonder what else is hidden in the game :O

Good puppers.

I've played a couple of schmups. I appreciated that the controls were so simple - no alt fire to worry about. I found myself trying over and over again to pass the first area.

Tip: don't shoot unless you are going to hit something, and keep pressing the fire button when you're trying to blow something up. The game slows you down if you're firing, and you will take damage because you can't move out of the way.

Short but sweet game.

I had a bunch of fun decorating the different habitats.

I would like to point out it's hard to select the colors I wanted with the mouse - the color wheel didn't move to where I wanted it to go half the time.

I also glitched the first time I loaded the Bear level on Windows 10 - I was stuck in a black screen trying to chase spots that made noise, thinking I would illuminate a dark cave.