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Sinister Siblings

A member registered 65 days ago

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we had fun lol I'm unclear if it was suppose to end where it did or if i was missing something also one of the halls seem to be un blocked allowing players to walk off the edge I hope you keep working on this i would love to play it again when it is expanded 

This is a very interesting game we had fun playing it short, sweet, and twisted 馃槇 

We liked this a lot lmao very fun voice recognition was awesome 馃榿 horror elements were all over i didn't even want to go upstairs to far away from the front door Lmao

ok will do 

This game was fun ran into a glitch exiting the office building but only once over all camera angles where very forgiving and well done The sound of the pipe hitting the monsters was legendary lmao Cant wait to see the full game Thank you for making this would love to see what's in some of the other buildings