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Thank you! People have been help me with my English since I finished the first version of the demo last year. I really appreciate it :D


Thank you so much for your support :D

I'm glad to heard that you had a good time playing it and I hope you are doing well these days.

I'm still working on it, it takes more time than expected, but I'm determined to finish it no matter what :D

I actually love Detroit: Become Human very much, such an amazing game!

Yes, the buildings in the background was created in 3D as well as the characters and foreground buildings/trees/small item.

Thank you for your helpful feedback :D

I'm afraid not :)

This game is made with Unity :D

Thanks :D

Thanks, I used Blender for the models and 2D renderer pipeline in Unity.

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I see, spoiler alarm:

Put the box on the trigger below first, then talk to up robot above twice.

You don't need to push the box upstairs, just push it to the right on the red trigger.

Hello, please email me at thanks :D

Thank you for your kind comment and bug report :D I'll look into these bugs :D

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Absolutely! The Power Of Now is the first book I finished in English,  he's thoughts totally changed my life!

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Thanks for your stream, Gusto. I'm glad you like it.

Sure, I'll release a mac version soon :D

Thanks for your information, other friend of mine reported the same problem, so far I can't find out what is going on here, but I'll add a performance option in the next version to remove some expensive VFX and script. :D


May I ask your graphics card and CPU please?

Sure, I'll start working on the mac version soon :D

I don't use visual scripting. I think using visual scripting is a good way when you started learning how to make a game :D

Thanks, I'll fix this :D

Thank you for your support, I'll try my best to make this game better :D

Basically I used blender to model some simple 3D stuff, and render them info 2D sprites with normal maps and emission maps. Then in Unity I combined these normal maps and 2D lights to create light and shadow effect.

Thanks, I'm working on the Steam page, the demo will be released on Steam in a few days.

I'm so sorry the hear this, please tell me your specs if you don't mind. I'll definitely optimize this game in the future.

Thanks :D

Thanks :D

That's probably because you haven't obtain the push module yet. Sorry for the misleading message in the menu, I'll add appropriate  indication. :D  

Thank you for your support, Jenny :D

Thank you Cabadathh! Your walkthrough is amazing!

Hi, I'm glad that you want to make your own games. Game development could be a really long journey. It's very hard to find your feet in the beginning. Please start with something small :)

Thank you for your support :D

Thanks for your advice. I need a little bit more time for the Mac version, it'll be released sometime next month.

HI,Thank you, Hurley. I'm not a composer, I purchased all of the music online.

Thanks :D

Amazing stream, thank you for you support, Tesseption :D

Wow ,thanks, dude!

Thanks, dude.