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Just played the demo and thought it was cool. I picked Orion cause he seemed the best but then felt bad when I realised that picking him meant cursing him and thought I should have picked ace instead as he deserved it.

I love this game so much, I replayed it so many times though I didn't go for any of the bad endings(unless I accidentally failed) I like my happy endings.

I love how the options to get the happy endings for the guys is all about being open, honest and supportive with them like in real life. I hate dating sims were the choices you make would actually be unhealthy ones in a real relationship.

Sam is my favourite followed by James. I preferred the art for Damien in first game though that didn't stop me from playing his route in this one.

RockRobin community · Created a new topic Just wow

Just finished playing Dallas' romance route and wow. I feel like that needed a warning like 'you may need chocolate, ice cream or alcohol(18+ only) to deal with the all the feels....and a box of tissues'. I was so afraid of that ending screaming at the computer screen for Dallas not to leave. Amazing and in depth story and one hell of a roller coaster ride.