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Yes, this also applies to every other assets in this store xd

Yes, you can use it in personal or commecial projects 👍

Thank you Brother! :>

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Ahh... People are very wholesome lately.

Thank you my man! ;O;

Wait.... people can't use telepathy ?..... oh no, I need to do a lot of changes now xd.

Yes, no problem. I'm pretty sure my email should be somewhere in there, but here it is:
diaz.flores.felipe AT gmail

Also I'm trying to be more active on Intagram, so I made a new account not so long ago.
VFX Kingdom

Hey man!

Thanks for your words and your suggestion!

I like feedback like this, because I normally do things a little bit "aimless" I think, just do what I feel to maybe would be nice or cool. So it's always nice to have a little insight on what real persons want to see, so, thank you!

I'll see what I can do.

Oh Stop It, You | Know Your Meme

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Sure mate!
I use a mix of Adobe Animator and/or Aseprite, Paint tool SAI, and Unity3d

*blushes* Thankyou teehee

Ohhh. Well can you tell me more about that specific format?
I focus almost exclusively on Unity. I don't really know much about RPG Maker for example.
That way I can start using that format in the future.

Go ahead, use it in your game.

Ohh I see..
No, the claw/slash animation and the "impact" animation are not separate.
Basically I'll have to make a new one in which they are :(
And that could take some time.
So, at the moment, no, you can't separate them, it's one animation my man.

Hey, thank you man!
Yeah, go ahead, modify as you see fit.

No, it isn't. Go ahead Paul.
Just one thing... i would love to see your game when it is finished. Can you let me know when it's done? :)

Question 1.
Sure, re-use it in your projects. Make changes if you want. If you got the chance, mention us :D ... although is not necesary :)

Question 2.
About the free animations. Sure, share them if you want. And yes, treat them as under CC0.

Good luck with your games my man! :>