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im using firefox

you might wanna take a look at the past, present and future, since the text overlaps the cards. also with the celtic cross copy the "click to shuffle"-button below

this feels like semantris

i love it! any chess or strategy lover should definitly give this game a shot

i can confirm this happens and also on pc

i think it would be better to have the glove sign say keep running or a small animation of them running and then transforming

a lovely little comic game, cant wait to see more of squidna

works like a charm, much appreciated!

It was indeed on top of the triangle, the one with a flat surface and where you pass the heart symbols, the part that's above the tube entrance. 

Usually in good pinball fashion, you'd shake the machine in case it would get stuck or to make it hit a certain spot, i was honestly just missing this ability. 

But still a very 'exciting ;)' game nonetheless 

i don't know why but i feel like this game would go with a mix wario land, a hat in time and super monkey ball

the ball got stuck at the three hearts how do i shake it free?

feels like an interesting game, if only i could understand french

Can't find the game on google play, the link shows nothing either

i got stuck in a hidden block

when i boot up the game and try to play it, it gets stuck at the loadimg screen

could use like a countdown

arrow keys for aiming, kinda like binding of isaac yea

the game is a bit difficult on a laptop, perhaps some twin-stick action with the arrow keys could help?

You weren't kidding when you said buttload of content. Keep up the good dood. (but also take care of yourself too) 

dude. this is one heck of an update

i can't access the stages 8 and up

could use a song length-thingie so people now for how long they need to survive

i'm stuck with the music puzzle in the VIP room