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Needs more goth buns, glad i peeked tho

Interesting take on the puzzle league formula, for sure!

Though the game does feel a tad bit to easy, despite the enemies adding more twists and ways to mess with you. 

pretty easy to beat really fast once you know  how, even without needing autoclicker - but at the same time they happened with great labor and pain

would be fun with with 3-somes, you'd need to handhold one character and bring them along into the second characters room

pretty neat pikmin-like game. also sick flex

When going into bag of holding while you have any decoration, the deco will be shown inside the bag

this is pretty good, i'd only wish for more co-operation, like being able to stand ontop of each other or pressure plates.

Even so, still a good puzzle platformer

definitly an interesting clicker game - though i'd love some upgrade, like say donations from viewers and a PO-box for food or something

Would absolutely love to see items being used for buying different things, like irons from the mountains to get robots.

also having the ability to find certain items in specific areas, for example the hell bucket could be found in the volcano or items can be made through certain constructions, like farms to get carrots.

maybe have an unlock system with certain items, once unlocked it can be bought in the shop. for example the prismatic apple can be found somewhere deep in the forest

defenitly one amazing tetris game, with amazing effects.

Though the music can get repetative.

could be funny with a VS-mode against the AI where it says "take that" whenever it attacks

definitly looks worth playing around with, i'll check it out for sure!

an absolute delight and i've also been messing around a bit with it in code, and i was wondering if you happen to know if its possible to add sounds to a combination of buttons, like Ctrl + S for example

i have no idea what i just experienced, but i think i liked it

taking "rip and tear" to another level

I'd love to know how to rotate objects on a laptop, how do?

This is extremely short, though i still hope to see more in the future, like how they met or something.

the artstyle is pretty cute tho

no, you :)


This is really adorable and i love it. you did an amazing job on this!

would love to download the game or just be able to keep the saves

penguins are always a plus, now this game is just perfect with interesting and cool puzzle mechanic

pretty interesting game and a lot of fun too, progression seems well balanced (so far) 

it definitly is a magical game

how do you use vending machines?

Bring letters faster, cuz that's what it did.

That i didn't know, where was that mentioned? 

nice idea, but the board fills up pretty quick, you might want to add more boards. maybe also the ability to buy certain letters(which could also be randomized).

maybe even use the boards themselves as letters on a bigger board? (letter-ception)

what a rollercoster

Fun wario-ware-ish game, i believe the game would benefit from a minigame- "win" animation and "-lose"

im using firefox

you might wanna take a look at the past, present and future, since the text overlaps the cards. also with the celtic cross copy the "click to shuffle"-button below

this feels like semantris

i love it! any chess or strategy lover should definitly give this game a shot

i can confirm this happens and also on pc

i think it would be better to have the glove sign say keep running or a small animation of them running and then transforming