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Agreed, I ran out of time to make it more playable

It was meant to be a rage game so... Objective complete I guess lol

I fixed the mouse issue, but unfortunately I cannot add AI until after the jam is over. 

 I have improved the accuracy of the bow, so hopefully that will make the game a bit more playable.

Hope you enjoy!


I have updated the game to improve aiming and movement. I also have hidden and locked the cursor.  

Hope you enjoy!


alrighty! I’ll look Into fixing as much as I can within the parameters of my original entry.

I totally agree. 

I completely forgot about the cursor and will be uploading a patch to fix it hopefully tomorrow.

The gameplay definitely needs improvement and if you have any advice on how to improve it, or criticism I’d be more than happy to receive it!

Thanks for playing!

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Yeah, I would’ve like to iron it out a bit more, but unfortunately ran out of time. I do plan to continue developing it after the jam if you’re Interested in the final product.

Thanks for playing :)