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sampleI checked that cc0 is attached, but I have a question.

Can I remake this as RPG Maker MZ tileset 32x32 version and redistribute it?

Perhaps buildings will be added.

Are there also larger resolution versions with provinces?

Thanks for making this tileset. I want this to have a proper background with stones, flowers and trees.

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Yoki in the trailer video is red.  But this is yellow.  It reminds me of arcade game 2P :)

In Escaped chasm, Zera has shown that he has the power to move to a another world than his world.  And in Dweller's empty path, he killed the Dark lord alone.

He's strong enough, but he wants to make Yoki's abilities his own.

In my opinion, Yoki's ability to calm the beast is actually the ability to control beastes.

This is a skill that Zera doesn't have, and Yoki herself doesn't perfect control it. so zera want's to train Yoki

how do you think?

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Zera defeated the Dark Lord and became the new Dark Lord.

I think someday he will lead the monsters and fight Yoki.

very cute game!

I wonder if the battles of the heroes and yoki's battle are the same.