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Please post support requests or question on our Discord: 

The next update will address the hours.

Not yet ☺️

It should automatically register the Spanish string when you put the mod in your mod folder.

Coming soon 😊

Again, support is provided on our Discord server and not in the comments. 

Are you sure you’re talking about Mortem? If so, please drop into our Discord Support Server for additional help. 

Sorry for the trouble you've experienced. I don't play with occults to keep these in mind. Also I prefer for feedback to be provided on our Discord server. In the future, please keep that in mind :)

No we cannot make this mod backwards compatible.

Yes it is, please be sure you request support on our Discord server if you haven't already.

No sorry. 

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I hope you posted this support ticket on our Discord Suooor server. If not, please do and I can resolve this for you. 😊

Server link:

It should show as a credit with a negative sign before the simoleon amount. When you click to pay, the money from child support will credit your Sim's designated account. 

Following up. If you haven't logged onto Discord, a way to resolve this error is with this cheat. It will allow you to move forward: mt.funeraldecision

Following up. If you haven't logged onto Discord, a way to resolve this error is with this cheat. It will allow you to move forward: mt.funeraldecision

If you are stuck after the ME has called, you can do the cheat: mt.funeraldecision
If you are stuck trying to get the Memorial Service to show, use this cheat to receive your dead: mt.runfuneral
If you have any further issues and you can get onto Discord for additional help, just tag me 😊

please reach out to us for support on Discord to resolve this:

Have you posted your error to our Discord server? I can't help you until you until you do that.

Please post support requests on our Discord server if you haven't already:

The Memorial event pops up after a few Sim hours. If you don't have this option after that period, please post a support request on our Discord server:

It depends. Please post your situation on our support server:

There's a hidden trait that each Sim randomly gets that makes their grow slower or faster than the normal growth rate. Sounds like you have the slower trait. 😉

Haircuts are available when the Sim has Overgrown Hair or Too Much Hair buffs. If they are not in that state, then the only option would be to Dye their hair. Read more in the mod description.

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Ummm...they should be because mine has been doing so automatically. If you are having issues, please be sure you have the latest version and that you only have the two mod files ONE subfolder deep at the most. If that doesn't resolve it for you, please head over to our Discord server for further help (

Yes, the next version will not :)

Please post support request on our Discord Server:

Currently Property taxes are not charged for rentals since your Sim doesn't essentially "own" them. 

-Color: Right now it is random to give the feel that the Sim choose (free will you know?) but we plan on adding a custom option next year.

-Body Hair: Right now we plan on focusing on treatments, at-home interactions and services but yeah we can add that for future considerations.

-Custom Hair: Yes, if the creator appropriately tagged the texture, color and length. If it isn't fully and correctly tagged, your Sim's hair will not revert back to the cc hair once trimmed. 

Wow! That's a lot! You must be playing an expensive lot. We need to look into that. In the meantime you may want to disable Bills for that household so your Sim(s) don't die of unpaid tax embarrassment.

The next update will allow you to pay each utility separately plus a few new ones but we don't have plans to merge utilities or home services together. 

Next update should cover this.

We don't provide support here. All support can be found on our Discord server:

Log on so we can help you appropriately :)

If you haven't requested help on our Discord Support channel, please go here: 

We got you covered on this! Coming December! Sneak Peek can be found here:

LOL! We got more Bills coming. This addition will most likely spice up your game ;) 

Sneak Peek of this can be found this month's newsletter: