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in my opinion, i think the challenge is a bit too long with no obvious goal at first glance, but other than that it's a pretty fun challenge

that monitor was the most evil thing the dev could've made

haha i found this bug and showed it to the dev a few months ago. glad to see it's still a thing

...where's the balloon??


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great experience! i just have a skill issue lol

why'd you remove parry/riposte though? that felt really good to land

i don't think console would ever work with this game.

game is out on steam!

Explain this, Atheists!

woah theres already a glitch??

the game has been put on, submit video proof of runs there!

i've been trying to beat netmugi's PB, how?? 54 seconds is crazy

also, i'm gonna put this game on so people can submit their runs there

i lov pg 3d

category 0!

thief!! i made this ĸíźĥwlſĪ2×7Œĉ39Ýŗ 16 days ago!
(not actually mad dw if you haven't joined the discord you wouldn't know of it's existence)

release day, its out :D

this game is on speedrun dot com, to anyone reading this

i think when the steam version releases, a lot of people will speedrun it


my first run was 30+ minutes, with over 300 deaths, good job!

well either way, the acceleration is WAY too long. At least tone it down a little

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i feel like if you make it so you don't freeze when you connect the wire, and add a level editor, this could be a very nice game. Maybe make it similar to Geometry Dash's level editor

Found it while looking for games to speedrun, and this is very likely a good speedrun game, but make it so you don't freeze as soon as you connect the wire and it'll be perfect

i don't like long acceleration, i prefer total control

the games fine but it would be better


my only request

nov 16

maybe have it automatically go to the next level so you are absolutely  sure if you did the level correctly, since i have no idea if i did ANY level correctly because of how weirdly i solved some lol

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this games pretty cool

It is honestly pretty early, but...

New world record!
8 runners, almost sub 1:30!

Sub 1:00 is inching closer and closer... who will be the first to pass the barrier?

Longer and easier, shorter and harder.

I think that's fine, but keep the older version without the side route downloadable definitely

I honestly didn't do this update on the first because nothing really changed...

So if you were wondering why the update was about a week late, that's why. Not sure if I'll update consistently on the first if there is no change.

Submit runs here.

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Kinda forgot, but in some time-zones, (not mine) it is still the first of June.

So for those time-zones, here is the current leaderboard for the first of June:

adamoj is the current world record holder with 1:46.73!
There has been 8 runners on Pogo3D's so far.

I will be updating this with a new comment posting the leaderboard on the 1st of every month from now on.

Submit runs here.

oh lol i thought that said 4 minutes until i read it properly this time, i assume you used the glitch?

unless a milestone is hit (sub 1:30, sub 1:00, etc)

gonna start updating the leaderboard every month (1st of every month)


just like most games

well done

These comments are kind of dead, so here's the current leaderboard!

There have only been 7 runners on the, so here's the times:

Have you beat any of these times?

I think sub 60 is possible with the perfect run, but the game might get maxed soon after

Current WR on this game is 63.49 seconds by Tesla17.

FOV: 110

sens: 0.10