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when are we gonna get a nintendo switch version? i'm so excited cuz I love toree 3d and toree 2

idea: unlockable characters and other things like that for completing missions. this s just a thought but i think itd be awesome

OMG ARE YOU ONE OF THE CREATORS? also thank you for telling how to access the player locations.

can u make a browser and mac version

can you make the newest version on mac too PLEASE

Super Mario 127 community · Created a new topic MAC PLEASE

i just wanna mac version. PLEASE

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can you make a mac version when the game comes out  

umm, what happened to the players' locations? it used to be here

the new characters is just an idea btw

can we get more characters and a new mac version cuz the old one won't open

THIS IS SOO FUN looking forward to final!

I'm only asking this because I love this game but do you think you could add more characters like yoshi wario waluigi or something like those.

 THIS GAME IS JUST... AMAZING I found it last night and I was like I HAVE TO TRY THIS and I had a TON of fun.