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Haha, thank you :)

NotGames festival was a game festival in Köln that exhibited games like these and all kinds of interactive pieces. It was great!

Yeah I guess it sounds like a clickbaity name, I see many downloads coming from a word search. I should change the name maybe. The idea of the game was to make something of a nature stroking creature or movement. Whether the objective was fulfilled or not I came up with the name at the last minute because it evoked this idea of embracing nature in a more sensual way I guess ? :D

Thank you a lot. I'm very glad you enjoyed my little creation :)

This is a very old game and I am not absolutely sure but I think there is an option to switch between Azerty and Qwerty on the main screen? ZQSD is the WASD of Azerty (French) keyboards :)

This is really great. We have to get away from reality and into the possible realities that computers allow us to build.

Makes me think of a speech Ursula Le Guin gave: "We will need the realists of a larger reality."

Awesome! Thank you :)

You need a pair of glasses made of 3 photographic filters (magenta, green and blue). It's not an artifice, the game is just useless without.

Awesome :)

It's very nice, I have made something similar not so long ago :)

I think you'll be amazed by how similar and yet so different our two games are!