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The graphics look really nice, and it's a smart idea for a game. Definitely more fun with someone else though. Something you might be able to add later is a way to play single player since most people will probably play this alone.

Good work.

Thanks for playing my game.

Nice game. I really like the art style.

This game is so much fun. I love that you can erase almost what every you want, and mess with the NPCs. The characters have funny and unique personalities so interacting with them is loads of fun. Th art is really amazing, and the background music really fits the vibe of the game. Incredible work, it almost feels like it wasn't even made in a week.

Cute and easy game. Clever use of the mechanic for levels. 

This game is a lot of fun and using the ability to switch between the level and the chess board to make fighting enemies easier and beating the level. The music is really catchy and the graphics also look very nice. There was a bug on the 4th level I think (the level with 3 bomb enemies), where I wasn't able to move any objects.  Others than that this game is incredible. Amazing work.

The graphics look really nice, but the controls were a bit confusing. Others than that good work.

Really fun game and unique idea. Simple but neat art style and the game is really polished. Great work.

Very good graphics and audio, and it's a pretty fun game. Good work on this game.

Thanks for playing my game.

Thanks for the feedback.

Funny idea and it's pretty fun to play.

This game is so much fun. I also love the art style and the crying sound when you lose.

Thanks for the feedback. I sadly ran out of time and didn't get to finish fixing some of the bugs and adding sound and UI. 

This game was a bit confusing at first but after you understand how to play, it is actually pretty fun. Good work.

Thanks for the feedback. I sadly ran out of time and didn't have much time for polishing, and balancing.

Great platformer. Levels are challenging, and unique. Great work.

I like the art and its a funny concept. Only problem is low sensitivity.

Interesting puzzles that good you think. Nice.

I love the graphics and its a really fun game to play. There is a bug when you draw the constellation and you collide with an asteroid, you restart the level. Others than that bug this game is amazing. 

The graphics are really neat and I love the post processing. The levels are unique and challenging, and the soundtrack is really catchy. Love this game, it is amazing.

This game is fun and challenging, especially when fake walls appear and you have to figure out which walls are real while trying to run away from and enemy. 

Really unique concept and it is so much fun to play. I like that you can keep replaying it over and over and it doesn't get boring. This game is amazing.

Pretty nice game, except I get confused at the part where you have to enter the code with three buttons.

Not once in my life did I think Fridges would be scary. After playing this game I was proven wrong.

The game looks amazing and the soundtracks are great. The only problem is that finding the player square can be confusing as it blends in with the trail, and sometimes I am unable to move the character unless I spam dash. Amazing quality for a game made in 1 week.

Pretty neat game. The part where you sing in the shower at the beginning is pretty funny.

Fun puzzles, with interesting mechanics. All though some of them can be difficult or confusing.

Very nice game. I really like the soundtrack and art. Good job.

Really fun game, even though it's so simple. Really like the new cards you unlock the further you progress.