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Alright, so I got every ending except for 10, if someone finds it please reply to my comment so I kknow someone got it?

Glad to see a sequel!

Hey! I love this, great writing piece! This site probably isn't the best for communication, you got a discord? 

Hey whats the wait for the next game currently? Also yes I came backk, this game has been stuckk in my head for MONTHS. 

Alright good to know. Two suggestions for the spider problem, either have it go back to where it starts at the beginning of the game, or have time pass before you respawn, as I have noticed standing still for a minute or so has the spider go away. 

So the bubble is cosmetic. yes? Also, at times the spider will spawn camp me, is this intentional? 

What does the bubble of innocence do, besides make things a lighter shade? 

Great! That is so good to hear! Maybe reply to my comment here again once it comes out?

This is a great game! My first try I forgot to use WASD, second try I only attacked s even when it was dead, but my third try was great! This game system is amazing! 

I love this game! Definitely takes a while, I haven't finished, but I look forward to my next session of playing it! And then of course joining the discord afterward to discuss it. 

So since this obviously has much more that could be written, have you considered making a sequel to the game? I love this, the concept, the world, the way things functioned for the ghost, and would love to see an ending, happy or sad, for this ghost. 

It's fine that you have had a long week! If possible, I would prefer to not use email, as I mostly just use the email for my school district, and so I can't send any emails out of district. I do have a lot of school work, but staying up and writing in google docs is something I normally do anyways, it's just that I would be writing out my story and not my philosophy. If you emailed a google doc then I could write on the doc there, and maybe we could release the game in chapters? So there would be several chapters of the story, where they all lead to the same ending of the chapter, and it is mostly small choices the player makes, and they try to reach the end of the chapter, and then the end of the final chapter is where they can have a variant ending. 

Well, there is one I love! It comes with the problem that I need someone to code graphic art into the game, and then have the text at the bottom, if you could intertwine my twine with my images, that would be great! It will have 2-4 parts, not sure yet! I can expand a lot, but I finished outlining the story in my head, you know, telling it to myself as I walk around. Well anyways, it is about a boy who lives on a farm, and then one night his mom died giving birth to his little brother (About 1400s A.D., alternate world though, more fantasy than historical.) and afterwards his father loses his arm, and he goes to the doctor. They can't afford the bill, but if the doctor is allowed to test treatments on them, they get the equivalent to 3 months taxes. The boy (14) realizes he will have to work the farm, as his father is weakened temporarily from the tests, and s watching his brother. So he has to provide for the family, and eventually later on, an army comes through, and they leave some wounded soldiers there to recover, and the army moves on. The boy offers them lodging, but the soldiers share a secret that ends them up in a mountain settlement, where a small society is exploring an ancient ruins, and he finds something there that could change the world. That is a summarization of part one of the story. I will have some small choices in the story, but it will all lead to the same endings and such, or some will lead to soon coming death. 

That sounds like a good idea! I can write most of whatever is appropriate! 

So what kind of game are you planning on working on next? If it is from my ideas, I can write an outline! If it is something else, I can still always write the structure of the plot and then fill anything in that is wanted!

Ren faire? Renaissance fair? I mostly do fantasy ideas, but from this game I thought it would be better to suggest modern stuff! I don't really like changing out humans to animals, but I suppose I always can. And for time travel? It interests me, but no haven't done hat yet. But I can write a story for pretty much anything, just need a premise and to know what you want roughly. Also, something to note, I only write PG stuff, not even any cursing. Just if you were curious. 

Whenever I play I always have a good time until day 2 beginning of class choice, it gives me a gray screen and some error text no matter what choice I pick. 

Alright! Well glad to hear I helped you get back to coding! I get tons of ideas for things like that- I am a very literary focused person- and I must say, it feels nice to voice some of the ideas I have. Twine is very simple, when you first open a text box, it shows some basic commands, I am not very well versed in it myself, but generally you first have your main text, the you do [[Choice/continue/this is what the player sees to click on->result/next box/the name of this is the name of the box this takes you to]] so basically, you have what the player sees to click on, the it has the arrow, ->, to take you to what the box will be named, and you of course can have multiple options. I think that since I can't really do much coding, whatever game you decide upon, we can share a google doc, and I type down all of the info to insert for the Twinery? Like, paragraphs, choices, and whatever else you might need. 

Well, if you have any more text games, I love writing, so I could help with that form of thing. I am currently working on a very long interactive fiction game, (I can't really code, so completely with twine.) about a boy who goes from tending a farm to saving the world but becoming a hated villain in the process, and also have a few other ideas. So, want inspiration? How about, for shorter things you could do "A night in the tavern." Where you are a commoner in a tavern, and one night an adventurer, or adventuring party comes, and you get to speak to them. Do they cause trouble, Or do they bring fortune? Or maybe "The trifles of an alien." Where you come to earth, and have to deal with no one trusting you after all of these alien movies have come out. Then for longer, how about "The last cities." Where you are in command of a force of either zombies or soldiers, depending on the setting, and must take over the last cities left to conquer. Finally, and idea for where you have to search for someone you met earlier in the woods. Are they a friend? An enemy? Or something else? The players actions will decide. 

If you want any help with literary sections, I love writing, so I would be more than happy to have something to write about other than school subjects. 

When will the next part be released? 

No problem, mind telling me when your next game comes out? I liked this one, curious what the next will be!

What you've gotta do is incentivize us, like "You're offered a reward for doing ____" or less obvious, maybe just word it so it sounds like the obvious choice? Like "You think you should probably ________, but you could do ________ if you wanted." 

Yeah, funny how this game invokes emotion and love for the vampire as a character, and a normal rpg aspect becomes really hard. Also, this is just past midnight for me, didn't expect a response this late, what is your timezone? Guessing it is probably a few hours earlier for you? I'm in PST. 

This game is a gem, a simple way to express a philosophical view, giving people the freedom to interpret it however they want. 

This game is fun. Good and yet simple, a great way to spend about 10 minutes or so!

Also, in your game I can't go on to find all of the endings, I feel bad for getting the painters death ending, I can't go on with being on the paladins side, I have to keep playing as his friend.

Nothing I can think of at the moment, but hanks so much for he game experience and help with my questions! Also, what is your favorite ending to the game? Mines when you become a vampire, followed closely by when I just slept the entire time and got the worst ending. 

That's very helpful, thanks so much! I'll keep that in mind, especially because mine is essentially a walking simulator, a second person game where you are the ghost ancestor of the boy who discovers necromancy, and uses it to destroy the entire colony on the mountain he discovered it in, but only because he needed to to save the world from a secret the clan elders were keeping from everyone else.  General rough draft, combining a few ideas I had had. 

Great to hear that a sequel is coming out! I love the inspiration, and overall the whole game is good, and as for the bad endings, I am not sure there really are any bad endings not ending in death. My favorite ending in particular is when you become a vampire as well. Overall I hope to see the addition to see the series, and experience what you come up with next. 

On a different note, I don't know much about coding, I am currently in 8th grade,and a friend of mine and I were just making some simple designs on pixel-art as models for the game ideas we have (We each make a game, and they both tie into each others story lines.)  What is the process for making games like this? What is Twine? 

Hey! Big, huge fan of the game! I love the aspects of (Anyone checking comments before playing, don't read this, major spoiler.)

you being able to befriend and join the vampire, and the seeming to be villain isn't truly that bad. I find the game fascinating, and I got about half of the endings so far. I have found many games that I have liked, but this one was so amazing that I actually made an account to comment just for this game. Might I ask, where did your inspiration come from? Do you have any other games out or ones that you are working on? I would love to play more like this, maybe even a sequel? Or just something else that you have made.