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it's ntr.. I guess

may I know what happened into this game? back then every month we had a new version for f2p.

May you Add the stalker NPC? THe stalker NPC's avatar is just a shadow silhouette. When you click the stalker, it's a random chance if you approach the Rapist, a Whore / playboy and Admirer. The stalker will disappeared when you go to police station, inside school and inside of your home

I hope in the next update, the continuation of 3 clubs stories! Damn! I want MORE! Mr. Davis, Coach Rudy, and Ryan! I want to ship them to chelsea!

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Add a body types: skinny, sexy, dad bod and fat.

Alsobadd a body hair, armpit hair

Also add the height. Height range: 5'4 ~7ft

Please improve the dialog, and thr behavior  Especially if you are playing as a woman, and you suddenly flirt a guy, he will slap your hand. 

May I know if Chelsea will get pregnant? coz Violet mentioned someone who get pregnant is that kind of foreshadowing?

Also  there is a chance to see what Drew looks like?

Tbh gangbang is my fetish and desires to impregnate

This game, is a masterpiece!! I know this game are still in WiP but hopefully we can witness Rod gonna fucked by villagers, I hope she will get pregnant too.

set your console setting into 9999, it will lessen the crash. Tap your screen with double finger, hold for a while, go to skill, click the cheatcode, choose console

May I suggest to continue the event of Nate and Co.? Specially when they successfully groped chelsea on bar. Can you give us an Choice Option if either continue or go home because Nate ask chelsea if they want to continue but chelsea decide to go home. In my opinion, chelsea is selfish that time.

P.s I love the new update <3

The new update crash on android 6

This game can be play as Straight? sorry but I am not homo

As I thought, its a work of One Person. Keep it up dude! You can make it better! I will never stop to give you a suggestion to make your game more better!

So another suggestion came up to my mind. You need to look for an artist(for game scene) and writter(for story development) to make your game better. Amature artist/writter is better.

Hello, I have a suggestion again but I hope you will like it:

First suggestion: add goal/quest/mission at the very beginning. So the new players will know what to do when they start to play.

Second suggestion: make the dialogue more sexy. Currently the dialogue of each characters are nerds. (they are all sheldon and amy) for an example: if you ask a guy how big his thing, he will give you the number of grith and length(vise versa). Change the dialogue of man if you ask his size into:

My size is a monsterous.

My size can make you cry.

My size can make you satisfy.

It just an average size.

I am not confident to my size.

I hope, I can satisfy you.

I hope, you won't pitty me.

And the character woman dialogue-reply change it into a whisper:

*I wonder if It would fit?*

*It would hurt?*

*I can't wait to taste it*

*I hope, he can satisfy me*

*oh.. His thing is a cute size*

*a thing of mice?*

The dialogue should based on ranged of the size.

Third suggestion, make all sex scene/interaction turn it into a portrait. It's more appealing than the current one. So I guess, in my third suggestion you need an artist for your game.

Here's my idea: if your avatar is a woman, there's always a 2 option after selecting 1. If you get pregnant, 1st option appeared: abortion or inform your partner; if we choose the abortion in the first place that's it. But if we choose the "inform the partner" the result of our choice are based on their "personality traits". If the partner are scum, he will deny and suggest abortion, then another option appeared: "take responsibility" or "abortion". If we choose "take responsibility" we will witness the changes on her body figure, our character turn to single mom. But if the partner is willing to support, another option is appeared: living with your partner or take responsibility. If we choose living with partner, we will live on his appertment, if the partner is married, his wife will leave on apartment.

If we play as a Man, we will have 2option only: ask abortion or take responsibility, if we choose take responsibility, our partner will live on our home.

I know this suggestion is kinda complicated, but I do not rush you nor force you to do it. I'm just sharing my idea :)

Woah.. Ty.. *flattered*

How about, the players like us, giving an option after we know that our partner/avatar is pregnant. Abortion or Take responsibility(man avatar) ; abortion or tell to your partner(woman avatar) the story of the game based on our (players) choice. And the game will turn a complete visual novel simulator. XD

How about, after he/she cum inside, after a week a woman that he f*cked will messege him to inform that she is  pregnant(if avatar is a man). If the avatar is woman, she feel sick after a week, the recovery points of health, energy and hungry will reduced.

satisfied!!  Oh I have a question, may I know if the woman can be pregnant? If not, please make it.

May I suggest? Regarding on customizing character,• can you please add the "height" and the "body type"(e.g musculine, sexy, chubby and etc).

I noticed most man that I encountered have beard it's hard to identify if theY are a boomer.(well I play as a woman to turn her corrupted) •can you please adjust on man's beard based on their age?

I know this game are still under development but I suggest improve the sex scene first before add a new sex position. •Make the woman moan if they are compatible. •make the woman cried if her partner is too big for her. •And improve the art style.

And I also noticed most of the man's "size" are based in their skin tone xD

@Hizor patch notes says, 3new events for strip club but it actually 2.

I read the new events for each school club, I cant actually wait for new events of continuation for these clubs: 

track: cheating ryan x chelsea; coach x august

Cheerleader: chelsea x athletes(guys)

Yearbook: sensei x chelsea

Dont have a free version yet?

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Somebody here are members of hizor games?

May you please send this suggestion of mine:

Interaction with landlord, when Chelsea didnt manage to pay her rental monthly, she have to choose become a homeless or do the BJ on landlord. Right? but in second time, the interaction are still the same. My suggestion is, when chelsea failed to pay her rent for the 2nd time, the interaction would be S*x with landlord. After that, The landlord have random chance to appeared(at home) just to f*ck her.

regarding on smart Phone. I suggest add this kind of features for freestyle s*x.

Contacting Matt: give us aN option: outdoor s*x, s*x@work, s*x with him and his friends.

Contacting Damien: just a casual s*x

Same with others.