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What the actual fuck has this game come too , yall weird af 😂 missin the old KT, I Swear DIN likes getting cucked or something he must 

Thank u !

Lmao watch theyll make this bitches tiny tits absurdly out of proportion too 🤣


haha sorry forgot to delete my comment after I joined the sever my bad 

The scenes and models more then make up for it trust me on that , 

Your a legend for putting Hisui in it! hope to see more of her in your games in the future , thanks again kraguto 

Made us wait several months just to turn around and ruin the original design of these characters , great job guys

Definitely glad i decided to put my money elsewhere

Lol knew it they made us wait forever just to fuckin absolutely ruin these characters for us and make them look different to the originals

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yea ik I posted that like two weeks ago since then one of the devs posted a basic guide in FAQ , guess I just forgot to remove it

sweet ! Thanks I'm definitely looking forward to checking these out , first thing I've seen on here that seems like it's worth buying , so I definitely appreciate you responding! 

As and andriod user would i have any problems using all of these just wanna know before i spend my money

Hey kraguto i was considering buying this bundle but i wanted to ask you as an andriod user are they all andriod compatible? Also once i buy , will get normal updates from the ones that do recive those ? Just wanna know before i spend the cash

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Yea the disable netorare option definitely wasn't a thing last I was on , and if it was it didnt work at all cuz i still saw ntr content lol but good to know I might pick this back up , of course after it gets an update , whenever that may be 

Edit:Jesus dude 2 months later and you add more ntr , you have ruined this gem my guy it was great before but now it's ntr garbage 

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Also as i recall when you put the update out that ruined this gem , me and a lot of other people voiced their displeasure with the update before we Uninstalled altogether,  why didn't you mention this back then , and from what I could tell no their Is no turn off ntr and ub last I was on this but that was 4 months ago 

I mean why even add it , clearly most your fans liked the direction that the game went originally,  as opposed to where its at rn , other then the few no balls having ass dudes that do like it lmao , 

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I knew that much still not really understanding why on a public site it says they've been added should say patreon only next to the checks , btw yall should start a discord considering it took me 3 full months to get a response out of you , it would just be easier for us player to communicate,  the ones who can't currently afford to pay right now , just thought I might put that on yalls minds , thanks , also you should change your update info from two weeks to a month , less confusion that way and people bugging you.

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Why have none of the characters been added back that got removed even though it says they did? 

Edit:Also why is megumin on the home screen she isn't even in it ! What's wrong with yall lol 

This some bull none of the characters have been added back in that is says were added back in

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Alright its literally been a month where's our update at lol 

Edit:Let's goo finnaly public got an update , However why does it say that nagatoro and rukia are back in game , they arent 🤔

Yup its sad it was one of the best before but not anymore

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Hopefully soon ,v 26 was Released for patrons on Dec 31st , so hopefully we will get public version here pretty soon 🙏 

Is this ntr ?

Started off great was then ruined by ntr/cucking , not worth it, unless that's your things , weird ass dudes 

I also guarantee all the downvotes im getting are subbed on patreon lmaoooo and probably haven't spent 3 months trying to get a response from a Dev on here such in the way that I have 

Indeed ,

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Nah there isnt , guess their just that money hungry , ive figured out by now only way to get response from dev is to buy patreon sub or be a patreon ,

it did! But unfortunately I'm on android and not PC so I won't be able to do the steam thing , well I will try to sub when I can then but I'm definitely gonna get ver 5 at least unless you think I should wait till 6 of course lol,  thanks for the quick response time btw pachi! I really appreciate it 🙏 

when i pay on patreon will my game automatically update to patreon only scenes/characters etc ? Just wanna know before i buy

Also when i pay on patreon will my game automatically update to patreon only scenes ? Just wanna know before i buy

Hey pachi , i said i would help support you and i meant it , but i do have a couple questions , first when i purchase your subscribestar will i automatically get v, 5 and also when i subcribe will get access to next version , version 6 ?

sweet I'm about become one anyways , will my game automatically update as far as patreon only stuff goes 

When game updates do normalplayers get access to patreon only charcters eventually?

Well you sound like a minor and therefore shouldn't be on this in the first place my guy,

Well i agree you should make a version of this with animations i would totally put down money for that !