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man I got so close to getting all the candies, had a lot of fun playing it still, great job devs! 

Had way too much fun with your game, only wished it was longer, maybe new stages with different tasks to do each time, could be a really good puzzle game.

Really fun game! short and sweet, really liked the art style too :) 

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I hurt myself while playing this

EDIT: Oops double post, fixed now :)

This was a fun little game! I made a video on it, good job dev, really enjoyed it!

I enjoyed the references a lot! Very fun game guys, looking forward to having new partners to meet! :)

This is the most fun I had in a while with a game, I would dare to say it's more fun than some AAA games, I'll be waiting for part 3!

This was way funnier than I expected! I'll be on the lookout for the second episode!

Had a lot of fun with your game guys, great work!

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Very cool game and concept, I read that you're already fixing the typos so that's great to hear! very interested to see how this game will be in the future :)