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Such a fun game as always! I loved all of the characters and their designs, especially Mask! Would've loved if there was more romantic development but the amount we got was completely understandable for the time you had for the jam. Amazing work~

I know this is a friend-sim but that won't stop me from shipping Capella and Pogo
(this game is super good so far!!!)

and jfc the "ah la la" please tell me you know Scaramouche from genshin impact. please.

Played it for the hot guy, and stayed for the interesting premise/plot. All of the questions he asked actually made me think. Definitely interested in seeing more chapters

Played this immediately after "For Amerta" and I seriously loved it so much!!! I was expecting something much tamer, and boy... was I wrong.

I will say. I thought Ichigo was a girl at first. And I kept thinking that until it was first revealed that he was a guy. If I had a nickel every time this happened, I'd have two, which isn't a lot, but it's funny that it happened twice (the first was Karma from Cinderella Phenonem... why is it always the redheads?) 

(Spoilers portion below)

The tragedy of Yuzuru's and Haruko's relationship broke my heart though. The fact that they don't get their happy ending in the game makes me so sad ;_; (I did read the extra content, which at least healed my heart a little bit). Still, I ended up shipping them hardcore. I really love how you developed their relationship

I was not expecting the MC to be just as messed up as Ichigo. When I found out, I thought they were meant to be. They deserve each other lmao.

Thank you for the amazing game <3 fr going to be an avid fan from now on

Thank you for the explanation! Poor Amerta... </3 

Genuinely a masterpiece. I have so much to say about this game. I started it thinking "wtf is going on?" (not in a bad way, but in an I've-never-played-a-game-like-this-before way), which then shifted to "I'm scared" and finally "who's cutting the damn onions." No, but seriously, the true ending was very emotional. I'm also a big fan of the art and the music that you chose. Ahem I'm a simp for Kai
I wasn't expecting to become a hardcore Kai x Ren shipper, but here I am. Also, I loved the teacher/counsellor, although he didn't play a big role in the game. The fact that he cared so much about Ren warmed my heart. 

Slight spoilers below, but I do have a question:

I was hoping to get more lore regarding Amerta's past relationship. Did she send n*des and were they spread around the school? I was a bit confused.

Overall, I absolutely adored this game. I'll definitely be checking out Sweetest Valentine soon along with any future games you make!

Honestly a cool game! I love the atmosphere you created. And Lumen is an interesting character. Overall, I enjoyed it a lot :)

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This game is the only one to have Micah Yujin, and I think that's enough of a reason to play it. No, but seriously, this game is a masterpiece!!! Everything about it is top-notch (The humor, voice acting, art, writing, music, and MICAH FREAKING YUJIN. PLAY IT FOR HIM!!!) So yes, it's an understatement to say that I love the game. I can't wait for the full version!

I absolutely loved the demo! Can't wait for the extended demo, Kickstarter, and eventually full version! The humor and references are absolutely hilarious and I'm happy to know that I understood (almost) all references immediately (oh my god they were roommates + the brand names had to be my favorites). There's also a fair amount of mystery and intrigue (like the story behind Kat's drunk babysitter and the naked florist.../hj). I want to know what the deal is with Mr. Gallagher and it's fun creating theories about him!
I also love the mc, all the LIs, and Kat so far! It's so difficult to choose a favorite between them, but right now I'm leaning towards Felix because I love a good enemy to lovers story (and bullying him is fun). But Enoch is absolutely precious, even though I internally die inside whenever a joke flies over his head. Lucas has my heart as well, I just want to put him in my pocket tbh!
Lastly, the art is phenomenal! I love the backgrounds, sprites, cgs, etc. It's just so pretty and sets the mood so well. This game will definitely be worth whatever price you set it at, I'll be patiently waiting until then. Thank you for this wonderful game <3

It was a really enjoyable read! Although some of the wording in the true ending was iffy to me, I still loved it overall! Dei has my heart <3 ty for making such a great game~

This game is a masterpiece. The voice-acting, personalities, everything! Each side character added something to the game and I ended up genuinely wishing to learn more about them (esp. onionthief. oh but screw societyboy). Honestly I was surprised when I looked through my game list and came to this page...cause why had I not played this game sooner?!? The concept and first look of the LIs was enough to have me super stoked. I did not regret playing this game up til 4AM when I had school the next was just too good! 100% recommend this game! Also I'm an xyx therapist, genuinely did not expect to love him as much as I did, but well...

I'm in love with Noel, genuinely can't wait for the full game!

Such exciting news!! Can't wait for the release. Fraser, you will be mine!!! >:)

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This game is seriously so!! adorable!! I wasn't planning to play it until all of the routes were released, but I just couldn't resist. The art, characters, writing, and just everything was phenomenal! I had a ton of laughs and overall really enjoyed it! Now, I can't wait for the other routes (specifically Nico! I saw him and immediately declared that he would be mine!!)

Spoilers? Ish?

1. Which character did you like best?: Nico...! He never failed to make me laugh when he was on screen. His comments may be a bit...offhanded, but for some reason, that's a part of his charm~ 
But I seriously loved all of the characters. They're all amazing!

2. Did you manage to unlock the post-credits scene?: Yes! It was too funny. I still find it funny that I got it first try. I just kept picking the money option because...capitalism I guess? :D

3.  Your favorite scene/ moment in the game?: Every scene with Nico in it...
Simping aside, I really liked the scene where Robin praised Maya a ton for coming up with the commercial idea. As well as the one where he came out from the meeting and said everyone liked the idea. It was too cute!!! I also really enjoyed all of the art scenes, so there's that.
Special mention: The scene where Robin was gambling his heart away to get something that Maya would like...and Jun just sitting on the side trying to get him to stop and having to come up with an excuse-- it was too funny

4. Would you like to see more of any particular side character/ is there any other content you'd like us to add or improve on?: More Faye and Jun! (Faye makes me g-a-y. She's so beautiful...............)
Also Miles. I hope to see him a lot in Nico's route. Seems like a funny guy. I think it would be funny to see him and Faye interact considering their oppositions when it comes to flat earth conferences haha

5. Anything else you'd like to ask or tell us!: Thank you for this cute and fluffy game! Take your time with the other routes <3
- the bad endings made me sad :( they were too realistic!! I'm so glad I got the best ending on my first try because it would've hurt a lot to get one of the bad endings first!
- friendship ending :))) I love Faye so much
- Nico's "extra scene" has me curious now. I wonder if he made a dating profile to seriously look for love, or if he did it to mess with people. My initial thought was that it was to mess with people since he made sly comments to Faye, but seeing his profile makes it seem serious haha. I'm anticipating his route too much
- Vivian's extra scene(s) were also nice to see. At first, I didn't know how much I'd like him, but he's really cute n just trying his best! I also like his dynamic with Maya so that's that. 
- Learning that Vivian and Robin are siblings honestly made my heart warm up. I wish to see interactions between the two. It's kind of sad that Vivian doesn't feel like he can open up to Robin though :')
- Last but not least, I'm jumping the gun and calling that Miles is Vivian's roommate. After seeing what his personality was like, and the fact that he unironically went to a flat earth conference, I think it's possible. I might be wrong, but it's just a guess after all! 

Thank you so much again for this wonderful game! So excited for the other routes but don't strain yourselves!

This game is absolutely brilliant in every way. I'm so glad that this was the game that got me into visual novels as a whole (specifically otome-related VNs.) If you're scrolling through the comments wondering if you should download this absolute gem, then YES you should! The art is captivating from the get go which immediately dragged me in, but I ended up sticking around for a plotline that was so intriguing in and of itself. Asides from the main plotline, the romance development is beautiful, each storyline has a plot unique to the others. There is comedy, drama, mystery, horror, and of course a cup of the reader's tears on the side. The characters are all lovable, even the ones that are morally questionable. In fact, I fell for every single side character!!!

SPOILER TERRITORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's so hard to pick a favorite because all of the characters are just...amazing. I didn't like Junoru's design and left him for last, and that ended up being the best choice I could've made. Because he grew onto me. In this case, it was a 'save the best for last' kind of scenario, except I didn't even realize I would like him as much as I do now. The art in his storyline in particular is breathtaking, and his personality ended up making me fall hard >.>

I seriously seriously loved all of the routes. From the surprise of learning Zeikun was the forest demon, to learning Sachiro was the temple guardian (though in a very complicated sense...), finding out Kurato was a cute cat all along and that Junoru was an immortal 'zombie.'  I really hope that the Roya/Chain/Mystery character routes will be created in the end! More content for this amazing game would be so wonderful, especially since I think Roya deserves a happy ending after dying in all of the routes. I'd always hope for Jace/Blace/Kaichi route as well but I understand that it would probably not work out well (and that Kaichi has a girlfriend alreadyyy. still hard to accept ;-;)
Overall... all of these storylines were beautiful and this game will remain in my heart for a long time. Thank you for this phenomenal piece of art, Pinlin <3

I saw Fraser and declared he was my favorite!! I will give him all the love he needs <3

I'll have to go back and see that blush now. I must've clicked too fast! I get that you were on a time crunch, and the game was great considering it was made for a jam. A sequel would be super cool to see since all the characters were quite lovable. I hope this game will get more attention in the future, it's very short and sweet :)

Cute game! I may or may not have flirted with all of them haha.

Spoilers below!

A little sad the time with Grimm was so short! and I wanted to see blushy Grimm.
Seeing Jak blush every time I flirted with him was so cute. Then I got to Endo and I was like, "omg I want him to blush, why is he not blushing?!!"
It was so satisfying finally seeing him blush. Truthfully, I wanted to date them all.................yeah I'm thirsty.
Overall the game was quite fun! The idea was unique and the character designs were on point. The characters themselves were also very cool! The art scene at the end was very pretty, I wasn't expecting it, but I liked it a lot. The only thing that took away from the experience a tiny bit (at least for me - and it's quite minor) was the lack of music at times. Other than that, I would be interested in playing any of your future games. Cheers!

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I just finished playing this game and wow...I loved it!!! It was really funny, and I couldn't help but adore Shuya as a main character! The way she got excited so easily was really cute!
Another reason I love this game is probably because it hits wayyyy too close to home haha. I've recently come to realize I like my childhood best friend. He's always busy and is even older than me. Also treats me like a kid at times...I haven't been sister zoned yet though I guess. But this game gives me hope, even if it's small haha
And onto how the game made me feel...AAAA so many emotions. I really enjoyed it! The characters felt so real. 
I really enjoyed Atsuya's character. At first I thought: "Wow this guy really can't take a hint" until his scenes become a lot more...understandable. I liked how instead of him coming to like Shuya based off of our choices (which was what I expected), he already liked/loved her...but he believed that he wasn't worthy of her due to his toxic-ish(?) traits. And as someone who doesn't know Japanese, the moment I realized that the -Nii after Atsu meant big brother...I was just shocked. Like "damn, this girl really sister-zoned herself. except she didn't. except she did???" That kind of shock. Then realizing she only said his actual name in the bar scene. I had to save and then go back to a previous save file to catch that. The only thing I was sad about was getting the bad ending first haha, that hurt a lot and it was just a whole lot of "wtfF." The good ending definitely made up for it though, it was seriously adorable!!
And...the nameless fiance. Once again, my first impression of him wasn't that great. I thought that he was going to be a jerk stalker who can't take a hint (Well he was the latter hehe). However, my opinion on him changed pretty quickly. He actually cared for Shuya's wellbeing. Even in the Atsuya ending, he decides to help. I ended up doing his route last...and it was cute! I really liked how he gave her gifts and how they texted. Then came the day of Shuya's birthday, and I was actually happy with how it went. Him postponing the engagement was great, since she still needed time to move on. He was willing to give her the time she needed. Honestly, the moment she saw him as a person rather than an extra was beautiful. It reminded me of the ending of 'a silent voice.' (not sure if that's what you were going for/if you watched it. Also not sure if this game came out before it...). Such a beautiful ending, but I wish he got a name in the end haha. 
Overall it was such a good story!!! Thank you :')

I saw Noel and immediately thought: he's gonna be my favourite. It's so nice to see all of this representation and especially asexual representation :)

Exciting! Sorry to ask, but when will the full version of the game be released?

I came across your reddit post from a week ago by chance - it got recommended to me. But woooow, when I saw the art and description I immediately thought "it probably costs money." Only to find out it doesn't! The production quality just seems so good. I'm not even interested in girls but I might just fall for one of these gals! I plan on playing it sooner or later and I'll probably write a review when I finish the whole game. Only reason I'm holding off is because I need to finish another game I've been playing and I also plan on playing this with a friend. Anyways point is it looks great, the plot seems interesting, the waifus are a plus, and I can't wait to play! 

I love this game! Ty for the guides. Me and my friend have been playing the game together trying to get all the routes, and it would be really hard if we didn't have a guide to follow for the good ending (well we played each character's route to see what ending we got and then used the guide for the other ending). My friend already played almost every ending (though they missed Twyla's bad ending) so it must've been fun hearing me make silly guesses and theories! I still have many many questions. However, I did come up with a theory regarding Mary...

(spoilers for twyla's/reginald's routes)

So obviously I don't know if it's correct, but ever since I saw Mary communicating with ghosts I wondered how that would be possible. The thought that came to my mind was: Mary is a half-ghost. I don't know if this is too far-fetched, but the fact that she can communicate with ghosts while also appearing human and talking to other humans just makes it seem possible to me! The other thing I have that kind of point to this is how Mary gets out of the ropes in Twyla's good ending and Reginald's good ending. Obviously, this shouldn't be possible for a normal person, so I thought that momentarily she shifted into her ghost mode? With all of the supernatural things happening in Reginald's route, I feel like this could be possible. My only guess for all the supernatural things happening there is that a ghost is trying to communicate to her or something, I dunno.

Honestly what I'm about to talk about next were my theories/crack theories while playing the game. Also just some of my experience playing the game.

- During Twyla's route, I thought that the Blackwood murderer created the substance themself, it made sense to me since there wasn't anything close to what Twyla described when Mary was searching the shelves in the store and they couldn't find it. Even if it was something that was really old or new, they should've been able to find something. So yeah.

- "Who knows, maybe Twyla's the Blackwood murderer" 

- My first route was Reginald's, but I regret it IMMEDIATELY. He gave off so many red flags. It's kind of funny though because the whole route I was making jokes about how he was either about to murder her or about them dating. Polar opposites I would say...

- Um...I don't regret this one. "I bet Crowven hates Twyla because she dumped him." Yes, I made a joke similar to this whenever Crowven was angry about Twyla. It was funny seeing a scene where Crowven confirmed that she wasn't his ex, because immediately after I changed up my crack theory to "He hates her because she said no when he asked her out."

- I also made a crack theory of Twyla being Reginald's and Crowven's ex, which is why she knew the two of them. And one where Crowvyn was Twyla's ex and she cheated on him with Reginald. I don't know what's wrong with me.

I wrote a lot- idk if you'll read this but if you do, thanks for your amazing game! It was a great experience. I had a lot of fun making silly jokes and theories. Looking forward to your future projects!