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There is actually a way to beat both battles even in the current build for Vernon use cards that give you weight for extra bonuses I ended up using a pretty big amount of cards in my deck to beat him.

XD I'm dead

I'd say level 1 is probably the hardest this game is more of experiment with the bonuses and stats the game becomes much easier after level 1 since bad rng can lead to your defeat really fast

i finished that part but now my inventory won't work I can't buy items or obtain any items

I can't seem to figure out the number password for the sewer doors I think I'm overthinking it but there's 8 numbers I can put in so it makes me feel like it's a complicated one

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It is definitely possible i got him to almost lose but was short by 5 hit points. One tip I have is to use all of your +2 fitness cards in your deck he has cards that go through fitness but it takes him a longer time to get those cards also pay close attention to how many cards he has left and how many he has in his hand. I was right my deck defeated him I had 51/54 left and he was knocked out you get the it's all muscle card once you beat him

that's great to hear I'm really looking forward to it 

I can't wait for the next update I already play this prototype way more than most (trying to get a higher total weight at the end of the hard mode)

I actually mastered the deck for the MC, and he's got some overpowered mechanics as well in the hard mode against Cedric, he uses weight to access more cards and especially in the beginning of the match the MC can possibly get cards that sacrifice weight for more energy I was able to get Cedric to 13 out of 16 hit points in the first turn. Although I do agree with the possibility of not getting good enough starting cards in the beginning to win but it is very unlikely to happen. The body positivity card can also help in a pinch.

How do I get the love spell?

It's really good to see more progress into this game even after so many set backs take all the time you need I'm sure it will be worth the wait

Oh my gosh just reading the description gets me excited for the game playing as a mimic and gathering treasure and the name of the main character is super cute too Mimmie a perfect name for a female mimic. Can't wait to try this game out


is there a male playable character yet?

I really love this game so far but is there a way to get a sex scene with the alligator pirate? And if there is none in the game yet do you plan on making one? 

lesbian isn't gay though it's just called lesbian gay is the guy term

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I actually don't mind going on Patreon to know about the updates but some people are just too lazy to do that but since you have a discord server as well I guess there's really no excuse for people to ask for updates on how the progress of the game is on this site especially since the discord is free

I completely agree even if the game isn't updated a simple post on this site explaining the progress or the reason for needing people to wait longer will be enough for most people if not all of them, because not everyone will go to the Patreon page to see the progress made on making the game. 

Is there ever going to be a weight gain feature? You were always able to give the slime a fat body but you'd never get fat.

well he did eventually tell the player that he likes them for who they are but I didn't try the other routes like the gym one maybe there's something else he says when you go to the gym all the time

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I can't wait till the next update this visual novel is one of my favorites my favorite characters are Cade, Tyler, and Dylan, but Rorik is a close fourth favorite.

I know right I played the game as many ways as I could to try to get to get into Zac's group but I just kept on getting forced to go with the other group even when I had Zac's friendship level much higher than everyone else's were but I did play past that part I just really wish there was a route to go to Zac's group, plus since Pi is also in the group the weight gain would be higher as well.

Yay a game all about bees Vespiqueen would be proud

Yeah that was why I said too late but yeah I like to keep track of update patterns so I can look forward to something other than holidays especially if I like a specific game project like yours 

way too  late to respond I already looked at the patron page and found out why when I posted this reply I had already seen a pattern on how the last update was posted which was almost exactly 50 days ago  and the one before it was the same time frame as well so in reality I just wanted an update on how the project was doing on this website itself

When is the next update?

I feel like that would ruin the unique part of the game you can't call the characters gay if there's two genders in the game. Plus there's tons of female themed inflation games. 

the creator of this game has retired from making games currently and this the most complete game he has made. So unless someone else completes the making of this and his other games they'll stay unfinished 

Oh my gosh youre so cute in the drawimgs and in real life and I should know i'm an expert at cuteness.

oh my gosh a game all about Kokoro my favorite Touhou character I cant wait to play this game

will there be fat weight gain in the game?

Yay Tom Nook is my favorite character alongside Pascal but Tom Nook is more handsome and Pascal is the more cute one

Is Tom Nook going to be a datale character in the future?

I finally got it to work I went through many files and eventually found one that said SoftFantisies data I deleted it and then the game finally worked.

Maybe I'm missing a file for it? Like one of the game files that lets the player make a save file? Or maybe the file the error was addressing is missing.

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Thank you I'm going to try to download it and see if it works after I have JAVA. It didn't work maybe I need to use another program to extract the files from or something.

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Well are there other requirememts for this game to be functionable? I don't have JAVA installed. Or maybe something else is missing?

I've tried that many times and it's never seemed to increase the weight of my character

Which potion helps increase weight? I feel like it's the defense one but I'm not sure.

I've been trying for days to try to be able to get this game to work on my PC but it keeps showing this error is there a way to fix it without going into the game because when I try to play it this error shows up and it stays on a black screen with the cursor that is custom for the game.