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Trials in Tainted Space actually had multiple incestuous scenarios within it. Mating with the Wyvern on Uveto could lead to incest with your spawn, Kiro had sex with her sister on multiple occasions with you, and (spoilers) you also had sex with your sister; Shade; a good few times if you'd played the game the way most people did. There are a few more cases that I'm forgetting I'm sure, but those are just to name a few that Fenoxo had to redesign to avoid being forced to take down his game from several second-hand digital peddlers like GitHub and that he relied on to gain publicity and new players.

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*I know it's a long post, but please read its entirety* Ah! Sorry, completely forgot about this thread! I think you misunderstand. There doesn't need to be "rapey" males or rape figures at all. You could put in place various masculine NPCs and enemies who don't attack the PC with malicious intent on a sexual front. Think about the hoodlums and slavers for example. They weren't rapey, they were just in a tight cinch and did what they think needs to be done to ensure their own survival and prosperity by robbing the PC of their money and/or freedom. If you are uncomfortable with rape scenarios, that's completely okay; it's great, even! That gut instinct will steer you away from subjects that could result in a precarious situation like with Fenoxo's game and incest (a situation that I still question on it's necessity, but I digress). For a few ideas, you could have cuter, disarming figures in catboys if you find masculinity a turn-off; you could have mystical plant-men/boys like dryads; gangsters or mob men; or even runaway slaves! These are all men who would attack the PC not to have sex with them (although that is a likely outcome in defeat), but because they are panicked from a traumatic event, defending themselves against an unfamiliar effect (the player), or are greedy bastards who can smell a credit chit a mile off. Please consider these ideas and expand on them in the future! If it comes down to it, you could open up a submission booth of sorts for more literarily talented folk to try their hand in smut. You'd be surprised what a community of perverts can pull off when prompted! Just an idea.

Lust Doll community · Created a new topic Guys Please
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This game seems to be severely lacking any males or even content for a male PC, effectively making it a Yuri or lesbian game. I understand it was tailored for a female main character, but males should at the very least have anal variants of female scenes and, perhaps more imporantly, the game needs more men, or at the very least phallus-toting women. No penetration in scenes robs the smut of its satisfaction. These are my main concerns for the game, and once they are addressed, I do believe you have a very good game on your hands. Also, yes, I'm aware it blatantly states "Yuri" on the tags, but there is so much squandered potential if you restrict it to only female NPCs and making almost zero content for male PCs.

A good concept, but from what I've played of it so far, there is not much lewdness or sex going on in the beginning, it crashes after encounters and working the brothel, and like it's predecessor - Lust Doll - there are no men, or so few that have any relevance beyond random mobs that they practically don't exist. Beyond these issues, I see a lot of potential and a great Craftsman/woman behind it.

Yeah, it's a shame. I liked this game. Thought it had a lot of potential, real bummer to watch it die.

I'm having the same issue. It's downloading from the site, but it seems to hit a snag at installation. I use an LG model phone. It's powered by android. I also used a Galaxy Amp Prime because the Android is kind of outdated.