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how come game is abandoned

- The lengthy quest "Orchel Trading Route" is now available when you talk with Saphielle in Orchel. It requires:
1. The "About Racism" quest from Mirel must be done.
2. The "Old Bow repair" quest from Sledanna must be done.
3. The "Alchemy Maniac" quest from Zentha must be done.
4. You must've had the dialog with Darude during the main story, where he gave you the permit to enter Dorgania. (Should be a given when you're at Orchel).
5. The storage building near the Red Keep on the overview map needs to  be constructed.
6. You must've repaired the Bitterroot farm.
7. You must've finished the events about the tribe elves at Orchel.
8. The border to Dorgania needs to be open on both sides.
9. The party needs to know the location of Ebron.
10. You need the first events with Elina, and Maid Louise, to the point where Elina is now standing at the noble living quarters, and not in your throne room anymore.

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if hot springs hole seal off won't be able to get naomi and shanna quest and cg of hot spring

if you done hot spring cg naomi and shanna done all there quest walk bewteen two solder underneath sleeping chamber cg start when theif and naomi appears there

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did you do thief  quest in parverhill?

end turn for day pass it tell how many days upgrade


but you can obtain crystal at spire there also dungeon has some but i forgot which one 

 i remember one of rock you can mining crystal where i suggest at but I don't remember if you need upgrade pickaxe or mithril pickaxe

you can obtain from Church were all material spawn underground church in alydnn

No besides you don't need it all girl top option except maddie 2nd test


seaside tower in dorgania bandit that has 5k xp only thing i can grind on xp

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Is this end game or there be more in next update?

Game really good like ending if this last version update not sure more if be 24 version 

broken bridge inside temple island basement 

No sandra that probably why you had bug cause purpose goes on 0.22 if you did finished 0.14

Did you save last ended mc purpose sandra on 0.14?

How do i craft thing i click everywhere in the tent nothing spawn when i click on it

Check all switch right including some switch behind  rock can't see barly

Does the game work with joiplay android?

This game base on incest harem there patch mod create fix showing landlady as mom ect hope this help follow intruction on the site whatever version you using need help on it join discort ask help on there.

ice alarune be in ice dungeon if you already killed them all get them spawn go out of dungeon back in get them spawn again

priest at right side give golden cross church aldlyn central

How do I find out which puzzle zone I been in two underground tower puzzle I didn't see her in that was niko forest 

Compressed download f95 just got to use joiplay but does work I got to work for me

anyone know how to get threesome sasha and minami it on home harem minami event i still can't get that option am i missing something?

go north up dorgania she at minsk

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Does second week 2 download have android like week 1

not hot spring if you try get dea sex cg require have adv far lady aki done transformed into girl one time at bath central trigger dea mia bath cg neavy dea mai show along with lady aki at beach 

Have you done bath cg and beach scene?

That's fine i wait for update when you do add it like the game

how can buy the church i finish story and side quest with all girl but still didn't get option to buy it

walkthrough link under download the game

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police girl if rape won't trigger flair path not sure if will trigger second assassin attack then again i never did that path not sure trigger that bad path flair path aligh with moriko if rape her stop being police moriko soppost help during fight bewteen thieft and assassins setting trap capture both

Walkthrough faq Paige 154 has your answer

you didn't rape Moriko during first assassins attack?

if wasn't able glow spark either you got gem already or could be bug if not show in inventory