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Silver Hand

A member registered Aug 13, 2018

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WOW! Really loved the game one of the best horror games I've played, 10 out of 10 will play again to see how it changes.

Its really hard to believe this was made in 48 hours. This is a great and scary game. I LOVED it!

The game was fun however the way he carried items made it really frustrating but that plus the time restraint made it difficult so all in all it was a really good game. 

The game was great and that voice kept getting me scared and keeping me on edge. I really wish the game was longer so I could see how scary you could really make it. All in all,  LOVED it.

I LOVED the game. I couldn't get past the parkor part of it sadly and it got me really frustrated but it was still a great game from my experiance, I'm definitely going to finish this on my own.