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Really amazing and fun gameplay loop, I'm extremely impressed with the 3d models and sound that came out of it, especially for a one man team on a tight deadline.

Issue I ran into was my browser not wanting to run the game properly (Opera GX), was able to navigate through the menus and into the fight, where the 2 characters would infinitely walk towards one another. Installing the game worked and was alot of fun!

Great work and amazing interpretation of the theme!

Loved the take you had on the theme and gameplay elements! While small, the lightbulb moments that came with understanding some of the mechanics was exciting and rewarding! I didn't realize until rereading the description that the end of each level was meant to be gold cat, I ended up thinking it as a mound of cat food, but could still understand it being the objective. 

Great work!

Overwhelming Clumsy cuteness!! As others have pointed out, some of the stats provided were a bit hard to figure out, but once you get the hang of it it's really fun and I found myself playing multiple rounds. Great work!

Such a unique game put together, and in a week no less? Incredible work! The art style and jazz compliments one another really well, which creates an incredibly charming atmosphere. 

Along with what some others have said, for a week long jam the tutorial was alot more than I originally had as an impression going into it, but the overall gameplay loop itself is interesting! My biggest issue was likely around the roman numeral cards; I ended up finding a chart on google to have along side the game as I'm not used to reading them.

All in all, amazing work! I can't wait to see any updates you all do!

Such a cute game! The gameplay mechanics themselves feel really polished but I definitely found myself struggling to cast spells sometimes with the hitboxes leading to me accidentally having members of my party killed ^^; I really like the concept though and I love the way you all put it together! Great work!

Really loved the music, super unique and perfect for fighting waves of aliens. Not sure if the minimap was bugged for me, as it wasn't displaying anything other than a black box in browser. Awesome gameplay loop, super addicting!

Really fun game! I loved the sound effects and gameplay loop overall, but I had trouble getting past level 7 as well.  Having all the soldiers shoot at once made things difficult but the crates and pickups help a lot. Overall it's an exciting challenge!

Really interesting interpretation of the theme! The different enemies kept things interesting and made me have to reconsider strategies in how best to tackle them. UI could use some adjusting, I found if there were long sentences of dialogue it would expand outside the box. Otherwise great game all around!