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I enjoyed playing this game, but it was a little too easy. I only died once or twice while figuring out the mechanics, and once I did, I found that you can just go to the engine room and wait. Once the alien goes after you, you can turn the lights on and off and the alien will get stuck into an endless loop of charging in the room when the lights are off, and running back out once you turn the lights on. I did this for a while, until the alien got itself stuck in a corner when running out of the room. After this, I would only leave the room to repair the navigation systems when they broke, but otherwise, I just stayed in the engine room to make sure the alien didn't get itself out of the corner. This game is short, but fun to play for a few minutes. Second Dimension, if you read this, fixing these issues (and perhaps making the game a little more challenging in some way) would make your game much better, and possibly a little longer, too.