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Very fun! Finally won on turn 231

I'm getting this error and the game won't load. Using google chrome. Seems other people are able to play, so idk if it's me/the browser?

Fun little game, the framerate gets pretty slow after your raft is big, and I had a bug where my two selected guys didn't merge and then I couldn't merge any more after that. Overall cool stuff

I starved :(

Fun game and story! Would love to see a longer version with more challenging puzzles.

I just had the same thing. I let myself die on the dummy just to see and the reload did that.

Lots of fun as always!

Fun game! Great job! Would be cool to see different seasons do different things as you wait as well. Even just background like trees bloom/lose leaves

Great game! Just the right level of challenging with lots of characters and weapon combinations to try.

Very fun!

Amazing game for two weeks! I'm in the middle of one of their courses and am nowhere near this level yet.

I support those changes!

Very fun game! A small error I noticed is that I got the perk that makes 1 cost bullets shoot twice, and then I lost and when I restarted, the perk was still applied starting on round 1. 

Very fun and original! I used a trackpad and didn't really aim, which made it more chaotic, but possibly more fun than aiming normally.